Maya 2018 tutorial : Alternative modeling techniques

In this Maya 2018 modeling tutorial I will show you some alternative modeling techniques that might help you out of a tight spot on occasion.


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Karwan darbani says:

thanks great tutorial

XFourty7 says:

Hey Mike, as much as the volume is low on the background music, you should generally use music that’s instrumental (no vocals) if you’re going to be talking over! Just a suggestion 😛

Major question though; Does anybody know how to set “Viewport 2.0” to launch with anti-aliasing on & texture resolution set to 8192? I know it’s a first world problem, but not having to set this every time would be great! lol.

Rajasekhar Tirunagari says:

Sir. Good morning. Background song annoying. ,☺

Fateh Shehryar says:

Is there a way you can move a vertex (or selection) on only a particular axis fast like it is done in blender; like you select the vertex (g) then press the axis hotkey (x,y,z) and then move.

Gowthaman M says:

hey mike,
this video on vray how did they do that light shaft effect at 1.40
is it just scaled area light with atmospheric fog??

Daksh The King says:

Mike i was asking if you could model a Caterpillar truck or Firefighter truck.

Thawer Viana Ribeiro says:

Hi! With the multi-cut tool you don’t need hit enter every time. Just click with the right button. Maybe increase your modeling performance. Great video, by the way.

Arcct 550 says:

Ingesting video, I got one question though : are you actually modeling like this, or you using way more shortcuts when you’re not recording a tutorial?

Mr Streakman says:

Hello, Mike Hermes, I have a question in regards to modeling, does it matter at all when I negate scale to a model like so: (link is a screenshot). Like what does it do? Does it do anything negative?

Claudia Lanzendorf says:

sigh, music is irritating can’t carry on watching unfortunately.


where is the align key?

Krutika's World says:


abhi shek says:

good work sir

MintyMan says:

Nice music in the background xD


The button for moving center of scale

Alial Allen says:

thank you:))

Mike Hermes says:

If you have any request for tutorials in Maya 2018, please let me know in the comment below, ok ?

Dalton Costa says:

Great vídeo. I did a 3D Xbox One and a 3D Assassin’s Creed Logo using maya 2018. This new version is amazing!

Daksh The King says:

Your tutorials really help the beginners like us. Thanks for all these videos 🙂

Sergiusz Switalski says:

Why wouldn’t you just boolean that.. negates the cut polygon tool.

Krutika's World says:

i enjoyed a lot this video..its like the door of some cool palace..Thanks for sharing useful tutorials..God bless, Krutika, India

Sir Crimson says:

Not sure music is needed for tutorials, I prefer no music at all.

Nestor Rios says:

Thank you for teaching us different modeling techniques

Mathias J says:

Your tutorials are an immense help for a beginner, thanks 😀 especially happy with learning holding down ‘J’ to rotate in increments!

XtreameEngrs says:

Mike Hermes ! Thank you as you are my teacher in 3D modeling and i learnt a lot from your tutorials.
I have a request if you can fulfill, my client requested to make 3D model .stl first of a model and then cut this model in different parts so that it can be presented as a puzzle to join the blocks and make model. can you please guide me by just taking already made model and share the technique how i will approach this project. Thank you in advance.

g43654 says:

How would you punch perfectly round holes on a surface? For example, gun port radiator? Chamfering distorts the holes if the surface is not flat, Boolean subtraction creates too many vertex and it’s a nightmare creating quads for them. Any suggestion? Thanks.

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