Maya 2018 – Tutorial for Beginners [General Overview]*

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Trisha Ellis says:

Wanted to know if you offer courses on Udemy, it’s an online school the prices are very reasonable for students.

81Malaguena says:

Oh my God! Thank you so much, this video was very understandable, clear and simple to follow.

Asi BM says:

Hi… I just want to say that you have a lovely voice. Wish my future bf has a deep voice too

hesham daro says:


Bear Wolf says:

5*. So glad to hear the voice over guy from Starship troopers still working.

K2M TV says:

Bro….My PC is without any external graphic card….
So can I install and work in MAYA?????

Tarun sharma says:


Saeed Barari says:

Do you have any discord community for this stuffs?

Syed Abbas says:

Hey. You are too good to explain the things clearly

Farviz says:

Hii Sir,
How to put boarders in a micro soft word file.

Concept Creator says:

maya 2018’s interface is HORRIBLE older maya had a clear overview for camera movement, for Polygon modeling as well. However in 2018 everything is gone can’t freaking find it…. Seriously who though this was a good idea?

Andrzej Gudz says:

it’s really good

Danilo Djurovic says:

all those people bitching about the tut in the comments. I think its nice, thanks for sharing your knowledge without wasting my time explaining too obvious things.

Brian Beury says:

learned the first steps to word thanks

Koichi Rojas says:

Oh a 3d modler… Lets spend 5 minutes drawing!

David MOORE says:

How are you guys and gals purchasing maya? I’m trying to figure out the best plan for me.

Joshua Cuazon says:

Thank you

hstfleur says:

Hello Sir,
Thank you for your amazing videos. I am asking you some quick help please. I am currently modeling something that i want to patent using maya 2016 and 2018. I am of course a beginner. Is there anyway that i can export images for patent drawings using maya . If yes would you please tell me the steps . I thanks you in advance for your time and comments.
Best Regards ,


Thank you

Mohammed Al-Musallam says:

Alt + hold left click + span around to rotate workspace

Poke Mon says:

I really use our computer in computer room but actually we know how to click it for it

John Martin says:

the step by steep tips are usefull

Final Battle Waffle says:

Thank you very much for doing this!!

Hugo Samson says:

Check it out ! xD

Winda Florentine Palafox says:

Subscribing now! You are such a great teacher! ❤

Ahmet Yıldırım says:

please help me when I open to word (my pc)in other pc articles and shapes are slipping

Alexander Lynds says:

Is this a robot or a human? I can’t tell.

gachaverse kittens says:

I have an ICT test tomorrow and I really want a good grade or he’ll be negative on my report so this is why I’m here

Lori Favela says:

I always want ostart wit the basics. This is easy and very basic, thank you…

Michael Yue says:

Does Maya 2018 have aistandard? I am making reflective surfaces.

hanii nunaa says:

I just entered university and my skills for words document is very bad. Thank you so much for helping me through your videos. ^^

Kenshi Shimada says:

fewer ads PLEASE

Sir Gentleman says:

around 3:02…. identifieded…. WTF? Sounds like a car sales man.

Eli cohen says:

Thank you so much my friend is there an advanced version?

HOT AXE says:

same one need free maya?

DZelbah Nijmb says:

Helpful video.
Thank you!

Sandesh Subedi says:

Heard of BLENDER ? Its free and also far better than MAYA

HorseWorld 2000 says:

what is a polygon mesh?


Thank you

Kai Yan Neo says:


Andrew Vanderbilt-Astor says:

You sound like that man that always announces and explains Movie trailers at the theater lol.

Jubbipuss says:

I just really enjoy every time he says “extreme right” and “extreme left” like you need to break beyond each side of the screen in order to find what you’re looking for.

Komikazii says:

youre such a legend dude i would fail tomorrows test without you ilyyy

Navoda Maduwantha says:

Maya curve sucks

Trisha Ellis says:

Awesome Teacher and love the tutorial. The teacher goes step by step on how to create a document, add a picture, how to center and many other useful tools. I feel like a pro now, LOL.

Michel Paschalis says:

Well done, it is a very good overview. After that people can starting learning on their own.

LiLMamaaVlogz says:


Rômulo Innocêncio says:

Thanks, help me a lot! =)

dreamtransmissions says:

This tutorial kind of just throws you into it – which I actually appreciate; the slower pace of a lot of tutorials/lessons usually taken makes my eyes glaze over. I just want a person to give me a quick rundown in an offhand and nonlinear way.

sha App says:

That’s a really nice and very detailed tutorial, thank you very much, it was a really good recap for jobs etc

MarvelFox Morty says:

Sooooo complicated!

AsadmeansLion says:

You cannot see the top end of the menus in the video.

LidiaLeeSun says:

and why to buy one year subscription license with Maya ?

psychoPATH says:

Everytime i select 1 lines and centered it, another lines get centered too.

Please help me.

خالد محمد says:

Which version is this one..

Pass the glass says:

4:36, what a pervert ha made a butt plug

lakshmanan komathmanalath says:

Great! Thank you.

The MyTube says:

thanks bud this helped me a lot

Bernadine Schacht says:

Very nice tutorial. Good for seniors re-entering the work force after retirement, too.

AbomiYeti says:

your voice is sex to my ears

Pablo Galarça says:

awesome tutorial! But its possible to move the keyframe, to slow the animation time? Or do i have to delet it and make it again? thank you!

Kamran Aliyev says:

thanks for the video, your lessons helped me a lot

mags05 says:

I love you man…I subscribed immediately after watching your excel tutorial..And Im addicted to your videos.

sri vamsi says:

i installed maya 2018 recently and having problems with translation, rotating and scaling. When i do one of them the object teleports to center of the grid and glows in white, while i have the manipulator stuck to my mouse and if i keep dragging , release and click somewhere regardless of object being stuck in the center, then the object updates to the action i did (translation, rotation, scale). please solve my problem.

Jerome E. Smith says:

Hey thanks for this video, however” the explanation is too fast to be a beginner’ s lesson as named.hope to see more videos thanks.

helio vieira says:

Absolutely easy to follow! It sure the more you practice the more you will learn………Thanks

Andrew Cox says:

I just hope it got a kickback for forcing us to watch advertisements on free streaming services!

Ae Edits says:

how to fucking move Objects?

Lee Edwards says:

I just wanted to thank this person for this video !!!! The best i ever saw !!!

Dark Amulet says:

How do I zoom in and out on a Mac?

Raza Shah says:

That was the great one!!!!

Neo says:

is there any difference in version 2015 and 2018

MyEduGateway says:

Do you want to become an expert with MS word, then follow the link:

John Potter says:

Thank you

scarecrow says:

Hahaha every time he was day alt down I thought he was saying hold the alt and down key, I was so confused.

Blodershade Donald productions says:

South park is made with maya

Kesav Darshan says:

Is it work it for 15 days

Ham Syde says:

I like how he talks. lol

Jerome E. Smith says:

Hey thanks for this video, however” the explanation is too fast to be a beginner’ s lesson as named.hope to see more videos thanks.

Francisco Ochoa says:

Wow, you covered a little about everything. I know how fantastic Maya is, that’s why I said you covered a little, but enough.

Gamenvil says:

What you does bro ?????

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