Maya 2018 – Tutorial for Beginners [General Overview]*

[VOICE + TEXT] Get into a new Way of Learning Maya 2018 by Autodesk. Maya 2018 tutorial for beginners, getting started, basics.
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KAMUSU says:

I use iclone, and I am learning Maya, so I can develop a better pipeline workflow between the two softwares, for more effeciency in my productions. Thanks for the brief tutorial.

mayur belhekar says:

Thank You…..

MAKO says:

Thank u man

SlimeGames says:

I’m sorry, but does his voice sound like the space training guy from Star Wars Battle Front II(original) to anyone else?

Haneef Bhatti says:

Thank You!!!

pierre henri verlhac says:

these tuts are so cheap. not only do they sound like an old infomercial, they seem to believe this is premium content that can be interrupted twice with youtube adverts!! stay away. there are plenty of smarter tutorials out there.

Run sheek News says:

the best channel in the youtube

dreadernightkiller says:

Why does this sound like a movie trailer?

David Abraham says:

pls help me, how to resize font type and size interface of Maya 2018, i had done it in 2015 and 2016, but in 2018 it is not working

B briggs says:

Honestly, I don’t even know when i’m going to get a chance to use these programs.

One Day One day.

Pranav Turlapati says:

Thanks, I am actually working on a game and you made Maya look so easy for me. Thanks a lot, I think I will give you a free beta copy of the game when its ready, keep making these awesome videos

HughWalenski says:

When I use the “scrape” tool, it moves the poly object off into a random direction. I have to use the “grab” tool to get it back every time. I cannot rotate the camera, only “lock” the already completely locked camera, or cycle through other useless camera angles.

BlackStarSwifty says:

okay but how do i make cool aliens and stuff

Si Random says:


Trikloe says:

does not mention how to rotate the workspace and such

Control says:

Very helpful but is animating in the modeling option like was done in the video the way to create a set for an animation? (that’s what I want to do currently) I get how to use the program, but where do I do what?

CraftyClaws says:

I tried to place a shape down and it isn’t letting me sculpt it at all. Whenever I try to use a tool on it, it just expands the shape a billion times. Im brand new to digital software and already im highly confused, help? x_x

miguel angel gutierrez says:

hola amigos

قناتي قناتكم says:

his voice awwwww I like the tuto I understand a lot thank you

johan mada says:

I am very interested to learn autodesk maya. Do you know where sites download are free?

GooglePlusReallySucks says:

Thanks, I’ll check them out

Krutika's World says:

thanks a lot

Joe Herman says:

Nice effort, but uninspired examples.

Ace Cao says:

Thank you for the tutorial! It is very helpful

jaiKishan Sharma says:

is there a visor option in maya 2018

Arunish Prashar says:

when the next video of maya 2018 is released by your channel

Amythest Gemini says:

I have maya. 3ds max, emotion builder, mudbox, 2018 augition, blender and daz 3d software I’m learning everything about the software one software at a time, I would start learning maya, 3ds max and mudbox first because I am not sure if after 3yr with the student account in autodesk wethere you can keep it going after 3yrs but as of blender amd 3ds max iv got forver with them, I wonder how you can send one mesh object from maya to blender maybe you should do the same when it is transferred to update it like they did in the polar express movie, in blender you can do anything

Amythest Gemini says:

why is my tweek marquee greyed out?


I am learning Blender at the moment and after watching this and a few other videos, I think I like Maya’s UI must more. I will be switching very soon. It’s apparent that Maya is pretty much the industry standard software.

SVK7 Sarthak says:

thank you very much for this tutorial as i just started learning how to use maya thanks to you
keep up the great work 🙂

dawson moh says:

Just a quick suggestion, maybe include timestamps in your description, like for each thing taught in the video, for example: 1:45 to 2:45 is the animation lesson.

Chocos Prunes says:

HI my Maya is on Japanese, how can I do for add the english version ?

Amythest Gemini says:

why wont my extrude tool work? I am using maya 2018.1 the update on windows 10.

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