Maya Beginner Basics 1/10: User Interface [Tutorial #01]

[NEW & UPDATED] Maya LT/Maya Beginner Tutorials Series Playlist Here:

Maya Beginner Basics Playlist:

Maya Beginner Basics: User Interface Part 1/10.

The following is a 10-Part series on Maya Beginner Basics. The tutorials are set up in-specific to game environment modeling.

Maya Interface Overview covers the basics of the user interface that you need to know for game environment modeling.

Tutorial Covers:
Menu Bar
Status Line
Viewport Options
Orthographic viewports
Hotbox Controls
Channel Box and Attribute Editor


Soleil Magica says:

What would be the best program to create clothes, furniture and guns?

Tavo7874 says:


MrPapazap says:

Thank you very much for this tutorial, I’m getting used to this program already but still figuring out some stuff.  You are a good teacher.

GiveMeFreeFood says:

I watched this the other day and book marked it but now that I’ve came back there apears to be no sound. All other youtube videos seem fine except this playlist. I tried in 3 different browsers and still no luck. Any ideas?

Brett Marrion says:

When he ‘creates the cube’ where the f@$k does he click. He does it so quickly I can’t see where he goes!!

therisenfilms says:

Even though this tutorial was 3 years old it really helped me get the basics down, and I will enjoy watching the rest of the series. If you’re still making videos, keep up the good work!


Thank you for this vid! Btw, what is the best version of Maya? I was about to download it but im not sure what version to use as a beginner:)

Software Video says:

Thank u very much for this video. Video from this link also helped me a lot to learn maya 2013.

Feel very interesting to learn more about these technologies through online software tutorial courses offered by &

Tarofder Almamun says:

Thanks a lot

Pix says:

Excellent , very well made series for total beginners… I really recommend this to any one who wants to learn maya from scratch ! . thank you ^.^ ~

Shane Gale says:

Enjoy braking the law, I wouldnt brag about cracking expensive software if I was you. But im not.

Semakula Nicholas says:

i tried to key frame in maya however the ball is moving very fast how do i slow it down

natalie walter says:

This is awesome, thank you so much! All questions I had were answered 😀

Joshua Mullins says:

I have 2 years of experience with Autodesk 3d Max, and there are a lot of similarities in Maya.

gladiataaaa says:

Alright so basically I have experience in blender and have gotten pretty good with it but am contemplating a switch to Maya. Is this the wrong decision?

Random Stuff says:

I don’t have this 3d view box popup. How can I enable it in maya 2015?

Ganji keerthana says:

this is helping me alot woahh……. when my sir tought me in the class i couldnt even caught a single point but now its very easy

odang supriana says:

your tutorial is very good, but the picture is not clear

Let's play TV says:

help  me !!!!!

94Allawey says:

TWO WORDS : pirate bay

Hywie Martin says:

Hey, I would recommend that you don’t use Maya to model characters or creatures. The best program to model people is Mudbox (free in a student license) or Zbrush. There are lots of tutorials around to help you model a character in those software, you could also take a look at Poser Pro (Very user friendly) if you don’t have enough time to learn a new software.

Good luck

katie dialogo says:

where did can i get a video to make a simple character in MAYA ?
its for my project.

Nia Castro says:

Fantastic series, very well explained for beginners like me c:

VideoCatGames says:

How do you move the camera around without using the cube in the corner?

ziggy xXx says:

excellent tut, am loving the Maya software experience, really useful piece of software, can you give me anymore links for beginner tuts please???

Nagyeong Lee says:

but I don’t get it immediately without hotkey subtitles

Сука Блять says:

Or you can just lie and say you are a student..

deepak nayak says:

i’d like to inform you that for the purpose of modelling blender is the best. same as penguincave360 i use blender and i know it completely, in maya there are same tools but with different names and places thats what it makes tough to learn. it gets suffled

TheFinalDog says:

Please respond!
Wich version of Maya are you using in this video?

Mr Tech says:

who need this software?

jordantabat5 says:

first time benson actually says something nice

Im am old Ole says:

can you use silo for the same things as maya?

Brian Dixon says:

Excellent walkthrough! Very well done!

sorriaejogue says:

I don’t have the viewport icon on the right-top of the scene…any ideas?

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