Maya Beginner Modeling Tutorial – Part 1

I wanted to make a very basic Maya modeling tutorial. We will model a Kidrobot figurine.

Part 1 here:
Part 2 here:
UV Unwrap:

Project files can be downloaded here:!Ahlsa7qcqknQhOcy1-b3T6yMB5bbPg


Valensas Balsevicius says:

very good tutorial, thanks, I love it 🙂 a lot of tips and techniques!

hisham hamid says:

part 2 pls

fernandoanimator says:

Nice to see you back making videos!!

Brain Mohammed says:

How come when I pressed 3 it didn’t come out like at 3:07?

Wacky Zooey says:

welcome back, good tutorials as always

Thắng Nguyễn says:

the multi cut tool doesn’t connect in the center of the curve in 10:50, it just cuts off on the other side. Why is that?

kappilino says:

Great Video. Also for a Modo User because there are nice modeling techniques that I can also use with modo. But if I model for games, is it necessary to set the supporting edges. Because this subdivision preview mode works only in the program with wich one works. Or behaves the tesslation, available in some Game engines, in the same way, so I can use the supporting edges also in these programs ?

JC says:

Nice tutorial, by the way, where did you get that key display in the lower left?

Conscious Reminders says:

I’ve been modeling for years and I still learned something new here. Thank you, great video 🙂

G K says:

great job Alex. Keep’em coming

iplaybose says:

New Alex Cheparev vid :O

MegaCooldude141 says:

in reference to the ten minute point, when you used the multi-cut tool, Ive been doing the same thing, but maya keeps automatically altering and curving the faces. How can I fix this?

emilsky2001 says:

Hey bro, Can you do a tutorial for 3d modelling women. Ty

Unknown says:

If i use freeze transformation i can`t use symmetry and if i don`t use it it will work just fine why is that ?

Anu Aggarwal says:

great one 🙂

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