Maya bodybuilder CHARACTER MODELING tutorial

Download the image planes used here:
Too fast? Download the extended cut video:
This Maya tutorial covers the body modeling process from start to finish. I show the steps I take to build the body from simple primitives, and the specific settings and tools I use to make sure everything fits together seamlessly!

The end result is a well topologized model that will be perfect for animation or sculpting. And I focus on anatomy as well, showing how to match my character to photo reference using image planes.

This tutorial should be good for beginners to Maya looking to learn how to actually create something cool, once you are familiar with the basic tools and interface.

I’m James Taylor – I’ve worked on million-selling video games like Mortal Kombat and NBA Ballers; I’ve been a web designer, a cel animator, a visual effects artist, and everything in between. Currently I am a professor working in the Chicago area. This video shows the workflow I use to create all my professional character models!

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Temo Xachidze says:

take one video Slowly make

Marcus Johnson says:

I recently got the extended female model video and the extended male model video along with the texture video so I’m looking forward to trying those out.

Miki Srd says:

Great tutorial mate,u solved my problem with him

vilas joshi says:

who is this software say me plz

Tavuk Studios says:

*watch this* *try to do it and realize that you’re a failure at life* *promptly close maya and never open it again*

debjoy sengupta says:

Is this a tutorial or a show off of ability?

duri sofia says:

what software do you use?

Jeff Hughes says:

How long does it normally take to make a model like this? (Head included) It takes me a few hours at least. Is that normal or really slow?

Toucan says:

When I’m trying to bridge the arm with the shoulder it doesn’t work, i get the error message “polyBridgeEdge requires equal number of border edges to be selected for source and target selection”. i’m not sure why i get this since i select an even amount of edges and then press bridge. 😮

Any help is much appreciated.

Vertisea says:

Hey James, I love your videos, and I’m considering buying some of your extended cuts. My only two questions are how far do these go into detail, and how much are they suited for a beginner/novice? I’m looking to eventually gravitate towards character modeling and sculpting, and I’m wondering how extended the extended cuts actually are. Would you say it’s suitable for a novice who has covered the basics of Maya and Mudbox?

Alfiturochim Bayasyut says:

how do you “snap” the pivot point to the corner?

Alan Chu says:

How did you snap arm to shoulder together? snap?
I have Autodesk Maya Student version.

Bradd VanCleve says:

what a great video!!!! I love it!

vamshi vams says:

hello James ! I recently saw tennis ball modeling .he started right away with cube and smooth the object and bevel some edges and then to sculpt.the object is now ball with groove at beveled edges. and increase polygon count. MY doubt is it can be made from sphere too .why did he get in to soo much work

asphtherogue says:

You, sir, are a god. Thanks for the tutes!

vamshi vams says:

hello James . I had a few triangles in my mesh and I exported it to z brush and turned all triangles into poly and increased poly count.

Jin Lee says:

this is best character modeling tutorial and very intuitive

zrifepsych says:

at 16:05 how did you flatten the toes?

Marc Anthony says:

At 16:07, how did you get the feet like that. It just suddenly skipped the process. 🙁

Bryant Montoya says:

Can someone please tell me the name of the program?, I’m looking forward on grabbing my drawings and turn them into 3d models…

Waldemar Aksjon says:

awesome! it is very useful for blender users too) thank you

sudip majumdar says:

can you give me the reference please?

Toucan says:

I bought and downloaded the image references but they are not matching up…… 🙁 R.I.P

aryan raj says:

How did that man got that man image on left side

NiceBlock says:

i was trying to do it with a cube , but with a cylinder is much more easy

SiM says:

slow the fuck down… what kind of tutorial is this where you just rush through it ??? jeeez..

hmada dada says:

Thanks so much for this tutorial but I have a question. During modeling the hand your merge three vertex into one but this lead to triangle faces and then when you apply smooth mode it become quad. How did you handle this issue ? its not showing in tutorial

Stardust Arts and Animations says:

Please slow down I can’t keep up. Some of yours steps go way too fast.

Aiman Haris says:

you sound like UFC Fighter Dominic Cruz. i like it hahahaha

ass says:

I wanna learn maya so bad. 3Ds max is good, but the rigging in maya is way better.
Let me go cry in the corner.

herve frederique says:

amazing tutorial. well explained concepts. thanks.

Subin Sebastian says:

Wow!! This is such an amazing Tutorial!!!! How often do you delete history?

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