Maya Character Modeling Tutorial – Cartoon Mouse HD #1

Maya Character Modeling Tutorial – How to model a Cartoon Mouse HD #1

Download References Images Here

In this Maya character modeling tutorial misterh3d will walk you through the complete process of modeling this cartoon mouse. This tutorial is aimed at beginners, however it assumes that you are already familiar with the maya’s user interface and that you already have an understanding of viewport navigation and object creation.

You will start off by setting up your project folder and creating the image planes with the reference images that you can download from the above link. Once your scene is set up for modeling the cartoon mouse, you will start off by blocking out the main shape of the body. Later on, once the main body is blocked out, you will add extra details such as the eyes and other smaller details.

This tutorial was created by Misterh3D so if you enjoyed his work, make sure you check out his YouTube channel here:

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trinity95624 says:

Reference image locations are broken. Can you put them up anywhere we can grab them?

parcelsisters says:

Thank you! As an absolute beginner, I learned a LOT following this tutorial. It would be great to see a rigging and texturing tutorial with this same character, but regardless this was a great learning tool. Thank you again 🙂

LuckiieWeekly says:

render images are down

ITHENO says:

annoyingly i cannot get anywhere past adding the edge loop. i select the faces but when i scale the edge lop moves with the top faces. does anyone know how to fix this ?

GFSB says:

For anyone having problem with the “Append to Polygon Tool” and the lines not joining as expected, i have found a solution. In my case there was a problem were one line was split into two for some reason, so all you have to do is :
hold right click, select edges, and select the divided minilines and press delete.
 You should be left with a full one line that you can now use to join.


nice tut, but after i click on x ray, every reference picture turns a little bit dark, how to i fix this?

Arthur de Weerdt says:

okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay…..

fiqx87 says:

damn i cant keep up. its complicated.

GameYan Studio says:

Great character modling turorial so far.

WWV says:

Thank you

Hakan Menderes says:

thank you bro

Gaming Kingdom says:

Ur so fast for beginners and I barely can follow the steps

Bizzel Boem says:

my head hurts

Azure Studio says:

im new to maya im trying to do the bit where you select the top and bottom faces to scale them to the shape of the mouse i have inserted a loop in the middle but when i select the faces to scale them in to the shape you want mine doesnt do it like yours does you get angle on it mine scales everything not just the faces for some reason??

Dawa Ko7ah says:

you are a great man and very simple method of teaching . plz keep going

Erika Ibarguen says:

Helo, great video. How do you scale and move axis with symmetric ? thank you

Rekha Verma says:

I am not getting pCube1 panel for dividing cube … pls let me know

Itsdatviet Guy says:

everytime i add the side view whic is the second one it switch to the front view

My Immortal says:

help me for my sake how can i roll both of the images like him , plz

KittyQ says:

I’m pretty new at Maya, but this tutorial was really well-done and it helped me to understand the basics of modeling a lot better. So thank you for that! 🙂

Vrohn Madthane says:

I just got done with my mouse i did some changes to it here the Sketchlab render
I would like to say thanks to Edge-CGI and Misterh3D for the high quality tutorial and cant wait to do the next one.

Gábor Márián says:

Thx for uploading, it helps a lot!

Wsadgaming says:

how do you move around the persp view? im trying everything with my mouse and its not working

sikndr ambreen says:

I need this character model sheet plez

KittyQ says:

I don’t know why, but whenever I try doing something like this it always scales the whole object. I’m pretty sure only the faces are selected but it still doesn’t work. Can you help?

Hmm says:

at 7:31 i do exact like this but it resize the complete cube, help pls

LTU grow says:

how do you move the camera to see the bottom pleas help I tried 1 h but I did nofing

Gone Fishin says:

ur a good teacher, blender eats dick

GamingNonstopTuber says:

i have maya 2017…and x-ray is not working 🙁 please helpppp,,!!!!!!!!

Ayush Baral says:

how to make selection type:face

Thomas Speliers says:


Mas Airman says:


Alexandria Lambert says:

i cant even get past the first step because it says error whenever i try and click accept. ):

Tomek Szktaulski says:

purple tirangles dont show up, just get an error

G K says:

Great job man, great job.
Alomost there. 3 to go )

dinh nguyễn says:

thank you so much!!!

Mossaab Hadid says:

this is cinema 4d ??!!

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