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This Maya character modeling tutorial shows how to model the female body, with a focus on creating proper topology. I show the body modeling process from start to finish, beginning with simple polygon primitives, and ending up with a 3D model that is topologized with animation in mind.

Treatment of the two genders’ anatomy is very different, and this series is geared towards artists grappling with learning female anatomy.

I’m James Taylor – I’ve worked on million-selling video games like Mortal Kombat and NBA Ballers; I’ve been a web designer, a cel animator, a visual effects artist, and everything in between. Currently I am a professor working in the Chicago area. This channel showcases the techniques I use in my professional work.

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Catita says:

you just saved my life for my school project!!! Thank you awesome tutorial 🙂

Leon Breakre says:

Awesome thanks for the vids, I’m generally a prop and environment artist but now I’m trying to break into characters and animation, your tutorials helped me out back in college even re watching them now I still learn something new

Yuu Kaname says:

hi, im having issues with getting the symmetry to work in the same way you have. and when I get it to work, I have two halves that I cannot merge together. Do you perhaps know what wrong

Bie_Animation says:

You are a Master

Gillian Chan says:

I want to a few questions.
Firstly,do you smooth your model before binding the skeleton?I noticed in your binding tutorial this woman’s fingers have more subdivisions.
Secondly,do you smooth your model before unwrap uvs?
I don’t know when to smooth the model is proper,I‘m afraid if I do it in a wrong squence it will cause problems.I will be grateful if you can answer it.
Thanks to all your tutorials, they are really helpful.

Syam kumar says:

where can i get reference images

Berk Karalar says:


Vampirerockstar says:

my cylinder is behind front and side view images how do i fix that?

Emma Dahl says:

Thanks! This was great, will buy the longer version as well! 🙂

SKG Saimoe says:

I uses 3ds max, but this helps a lot, thank you for the tutorial:3

louie pacia says:

can you make a hand paint tutorial? 🙂

John Arthur Jovero says:

can you help me sir… how did you do that i mean like on your right is your perspective in your video and i don’t know much when it comes maya i just started maya 1-2 months ago

Nicolas Themmer says:

hey! nice tutorial, thank you. how are you viewing the whole model like this? transparent and edges can be seen the whole time. thx!

Jay Haytch says:

can anyone help? after duplicating the torso, i cant scale down the horizontal edges without causing the centre vertices to split. Tried snapping verts and moving the pivit points to the centre, anything i missed?

Sara Earle says:

James Taylor, you legend.

abbynady says:

just scan. fuck this

Nana Akwasi says:

how will i even place my image in to maya

Tobi Yaubka says:

hi there I was wondering if you can do a video about clothes like putting them on and other one. plus have you seen the last guardian I love how the freathers were made I would love to see how u do that two if can please thank u

Chi Chi says:

Could you help me ? My problem is when i do the breasts, i have these triangles , but in your final model , the breasts don’t have the same problem , they have nice quads, how did you fix the triangles ??

Takomuhra says:

I love your vids James, really nice work. Helps so much!

stay gold says:

you go WAY to fast to keep up with

Samuele Mancuso says:

Do you have a degree in booty science?
A perfect female character in an 18 min tutorial.. Nice work!!

Two Hands Revy says:

“HUMANOIDS” Alex just let the reptillian cat out of the bag hehe!

Samuel Miller says:

Out of curiosity, what made you change this body modeling method from the video that you posted on the same subject a year previous?

BJM Graphics says:

Looks easy but I need my training wheels. I have to treat your video like it has chapters and pause until I caught up. Thanks. My tip for everybody here is to save multiple iterations of the model as you progress so you can go back if things turn irreversibly messy.

Tiffa's World says:

Amazing work, you definitely know what you’re doing. Thank you for all these tutorials 🙂

Leighton Lam says:

Thank you for sharing such great knowledge with good pace and informative tips!!

anoma srilatha says:


Mekeon Yarber says:

Before I purchase your videos, I am trying to learn Maya 2016 all together, so do you go into great detail of the proportions and how to use the features and tools that you are using without having to go to the tools settings? Again, I am new to this so I am trying to learn as I go. I am a fashion designer and I think that this software would be awesome to create in. Thoughts?

Gentlemen Z says:

I have problem with connecting the limbs with the torso, It always messes up the geometry, any help?

Fascist Wolfe says:

Im using blender, anyone else using it Pro-Tip: Dont use the cutting tool, sepperate the rim of the breast and use it to Knife Project the shape of the breast onto the body. If you try knife tool, FML.

s'mores4more says:

dude you are a god at this

Abby Streets says:

How do you put the images in maya like that?

Heavenie Bliss says:

Omg, what a EDUCATIONAL Video!!! Thank you for showing us! I can’t help but burst out laughing when you started working near the pelvis area and the butt. The way you explained made me laugh so hard. Hahaha!

Ivanquisher Dub says:

you do it so flippin simple holy cow TYTYTY

Alex YS Kim says:

Thanks for nice tutorial, and I have a question.

Don’t her arms and legs are too close from body or each other? What happen if you rig it for animation? Don’t their smooth skin area affect each other? (I am using Maya 2015)

soulyman1thegame says:

I see lots of tris in these models. Aren’t they meant to be made solely of quads?

niks says:

this Maya body is good with low poly. only completed with 2-3 segments on hands

NeoValkyria says:

Awesome tutorial can I use the same methods with the 2017 versions of Maya as well or do i have to you 2016?

Butt Unicorn says:

The arm and leg created from duplicate special has it’s surface flippped. When trying to use reverse the original arm and leg is also affected, is there anyway to choose just the duplicated arm and leg to reverse them?

rojmonti says:

i just can’t cut out the hole for the boobs right. I guess i’ll just make her flat chested. lol

John Perkins says:

does this apply to Lightwave as well

Sourav Chakraborty says:

you are even faster than barry allen, great tutorial and for me it was the best way to model a character, I am following this now, will practise
Thank You so much for this wonderful tutorial

Cody Calhoun says:

Thanks for your videos, They have helped me a lot.

Anaray Ramone says:

This method is not yours and Antony Ward
Book – Game Character Development with Maya

gulliver says:

I’m here just because i wanted to know how 3D designers make an ass.
(You sound like a young Donald Trump btw)

sakshi verma says:

All your tutorials are amazing and so easy to follow, thanks a lot sir 🙂 it helped me a lot

Natalia C says:

Ume a sorprendido ver que el vídeo me da la opción de poner los subtítulos en español , muchas gracias por eso. Un vídeo muy bien explicado

Jaqueline Knaack says:

Super cool video : ) But a little to fast can´t see what you do exactly at 10:21-10:40

Сергей Иванов says:

James Taylor, you are GOD of tutorials, Maya, 3d and animation! Because of you I understand May modeling better!
I just did my own character with help of this and older tutorials! Hurray!!!!!
One question: is it OK to keep triangle surface in breast zone? I don’t know how it will be deform, but I afrad to take them square (because it looks good now)))))

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