MAYA FEMALE HEAD MODELING for animation tutorial

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This Maya tutorial shows how to model the female head and face. Creating attractive women is a must for any character artist – this tutorial shows how to create a female head that not only animates well, but looks pretty doing it!

The character modeling process in the video shows how to model proper topology around the eyes and mouth, the two key areas for animation. Follow along and your resulting mesh will have zero triangles!

I’m James Taylor – I’ve worked on million-selling video games like Mortal Kombat and NBA Ballers; I’ve been a web designer, a cel animator, a visual effects artist, and everything in between. Currently I am a professor working in the Chicago area. This channel showcases the techniques I use in my professional work.

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JackPeach1997 - Animation says:


Jennifer Cosby [Ries ES] says:

16:25 There is massive change without instruction…

Sonic Striker SpeedXzeed says:

so would you extrude the hair from the head or would you create it from one of the primitives?

kalyan ram says:

This is the best tutorial i ever seen 🙂

OneEsk19 says:

6:56 (Bookmark)

samborambo664 says:

for the life of me duplicate special will not do what it did for you. i have changed all the settings and it just doesnt work….

Eddie T says:

Hey James, As usual nothing short of excelent keep it up!!!!

pampana bhanuteja says:

sir..!how to create eyes on face model

Baaldrian says:

I love the feature to “go back 30 sec” or even “go back 10 sec” .. but for you tutorial I need something like “go back 500 msec” xD
Well done @James Taylor and Thank you!! 🙂

Jack England says:

Super helpful, thanks brother.

Chris Barnes says:

where are the ‘harden and soften edges tools’ in Maya 2017 LT? I cant find ’em for toffee?

Gino Seraphim says:

no instruction btw 16.18 – >16.34 confusing ….

Angelo P says:

I see Maya is more precise than Zbrush when you are making a 3d model using reference images.

Naveed Anjum says:


gokusupersaiyan6 says:

Hey your tutorials are amazing! I never before have encountered more in depth tutorials that yours. There are very easy to follow. Thanks for making them and please continue to make more! 🙂

Justin Waters says:

For anyone wondering, I just purchased the tutorial package and it does not come with the images planes, they have to be purchased separately. Also, the videos are not slowed down and none of the tools are explained or how to access them. If you’re like me and have little experience in Maya, these videos are probably are not for you. If you already know the tools and your way around Maya very well, then you’re all set.

John Vogel says:

Out of curiosity… why are triangles bad? Why do you mostly want quads?

Shashank Subramaniam says:

Hey can you do a tutorial on making hair?

akash baidya says:

the best tutorial that i have ever seen. thank you very much

MichaelnMaximo says:

You just created a customer.

Shu says:

how is he extruding around that edge when making eye?

GFish 17 says:

I use blender I’m a noob still

Ash says:

The best tutorial I’ve ever seen! So minimalistic yet so much form!!

agirlhasnoname666 says:

thank you very much for this tutorial, it has been extremely helpful! ? I am currentlly in my 2nd last year of studying 3D modeling and animation! my lecturer refered this to his students

lightsinx says:

How did you connect the head to the body? my head has more edge loops than my body. i dont know if its a good idea to add more loops on the body or if theres another way to do it

Beste Leben says:

Does anyone know how to get rid of that ugly seam in the middle where both halves of the face are combined?

Kevin Vance says:

I think im getting close to mastering the whole character modeling thanks to you. However, I do have issues modeling things like hair. Theres so many different types its hard to find a tutorial, especially if the model is stylized like mine and has wavy hair.
flat planes with alpha maps on their textures
CV curve tool converted into geometry
Xgen rendering
and of course just geometry

Can you do a tutorial about how to make hair? Like the one in here.

Fox Kitty says:

Thank you for your tutorials ! i use blender and i could not find any good modeling tutorials for it so i looked at this , blender and maya are very similar so i was able to follow along 😀

Cody Calhoun says:

I love your tutorials, you have been a great help. Keep up the good work!

anil bandhani says:


Deepak says:

hey I am stuck at the part where you conneceted the face and skull

Kay A says:

Honestly I’ve been struggling with modeling the face for my class, and I absolutely love this tutorial. It’s not too long and easy to follow, plus your voice is so relaxing that I’m not losing concentration and wanting to leave

Master AllInOne says:

esse corte que você deu na hora de unir a cabeça a esfera me quebrou cara, estava seguindo passo a passo e nessa hora já era.

Thanh Liêm Bùi says:

can i use your technique to model open mouth ‘s reference

Harvy D'silva says:


Kristine Joy Formaran says:

Sir Taylor more tutorial

Vonzaku says:

This man is a genius.

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