Maya for Beginners – Learn Maya fast in 1 hour

Today I will teach you Maya basics in one hour. No nonsense, just simple point to point teaching of all the generic tools common in many 3d applications.

The recommended way to learn is to watch this entire video from start to finish. From there, the principles will click as you gain experience from your own projects over time. This is meant to be a basic overview on where to find the common tools you need in this application and is ideal for beginners who have little or no experience in Maya.

Like many 3d applications, this tool serves as a converging point for many workflow pipelines where you bring elements and assemble in program. From there, it will streamline out into post production for the final product.

Many 3d applications can do what Maya does so this is for people who prefer using Maya in their projects. It is one of the oldest 3d applications available today and a robust tool for many 3d artists.


Daniel says:

Blender is so much better

JackEvo says:

3:12 Navigation and Viewport
5:44 Set Project and Folders
7:43 Polygons and View Modes
9:33 Moving Objects
9:59 Component Mode
11:11 Mirror Cube
17:33 Hierarchy and Outliner
21:31 AnimationTool Basics
27:42 Animation Editors
30:28 Materials and Editors
37:10 Bones and Skinning
43:02 Cloth Simulation
47:10 Rendering and Settings

Dinesh Diabolic says:

Very good one. I am trying to move from blender to maya, and i find this very helpful.

Bekir Demir says:

best tutorial channel.

Fabian Torres says:

great introduction, thank you!!!

st s says:

You stress out that You are a 3d Generalist, so I like to hear some opinion from someone who is 3d generalist about work in some game studio in which, some prominent people claim, you need to know just one think because in game studios people work very specific tasks like character artists, environment artists, animators… so, what do You think about that, is it better to focus on one thing?

azra ahmed says:

thank you so much for a wonderful informative and details tutorial its really help me to understand Maya…

BrokenScreen Entertainment says:

At last a tutorial which doesn’t start with “push the power button on the front of your personal computer (that was invented in the late 60’s) to turn it on.”. As a professional Cinema 4D user with 5 years of 3D experience, all I need is a rough translation of the tools I use, for Maya. Great tutorial, thank you!

ChelseaGunners says:

where are your animations? and have you seen the superman vs hulk animation on youtube

AT Games says:


Stanimir Georgiev says:

Great video!

I write you message. Check it.
And where exactly is the video for skin modulators? I really need to understand much better how to clean skin after rig binds.

Mireneye says:

Invaluable resource! Coming off long term 3ds max use, I’m applying for a job that requires good knowhow in Maya. So I have to speed through the process.

Subscribed, I dig it!

Keep it up(I hope you are). Cheers!

jimilordofwar says:

I’m 48 minutes in and god damn I’m so glad I found this tutorial, so far I’m learning a ton of the features and understanding how to use lots of the features. Plus the guy is well spoken, he doesn’t make it boring (and although cheesy he does try and talk straight to you) really dude thanks a bunch for this!

Keith Treason says:

Is there any way to keep the outliner snapped into one of the other windows and not just keeping it floating on top of everything else? I’m so used to working in C4D and it’s always has it’s list sitting on the right side of the window. I don’t want to put it into my viewports either.

Waveblade15 says:

That moment when you think you found the perfect video to help you learn Mayan

3D Artist HCL says:

i like tutorials! thank you so much.

DevAnimate says:

Thank you so much! this will be a long journey for me 🙂

OhlsonAnimation says:

Really good! Cheers man!

RubenDandrea87 says:

thank you so muchh MADE ME LEARN A LOT in just 3 hours( i paused and repeated what you did in order to memorize. IT WAS SO NICE! thank you so muchh! going forward to learn skinning and rigging

Shruti Mehta says:

oh my God the bet vedio ever.

Brian Craig says:

Thank You sir for ‘This tutorial on get up and running with MayaI really appreacted you share this with everyone I just downloaded Maya 2017

EnJey Miguel says:

Haha “Maya is like the grand master granpa with the long white beard” Good one

Сергей Иванов says:

Thank you very much! It helps me a lot! Actually, I just make your Rusher, but it cost too much time 🙂 I think, all cool stuff should be long and difficult, but for me this video is great because it shows me how cool it will be to learning Maya and to make my own models in the future!
It is interesting: I want to make one model, and I tried to make it at least 3 times. Every time I deleted it, and every next time I made more and more (last time I made even textures, but now I want to make it perfect!)

Henri Asmar says:

I love how fast and straightforward this is. THX

Babar Khan says:

Really i got a Great stuff and really i got in one day a lot of….

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