Maya for Beginners Tutorial: 3D Modeling A Simple Human Character In Maya Part 1 by Misterh3D

Maya for Beginners Tutorial: 3D Modeling A Simple Human Character In Maya Part 1 by Misterh3D

Download Project folder here:
Link to part 2
This Video was created by Misterh3D, if you like please show your support by subscribing to his channel where you can find many more great tutorials…

In this Maya beginner / intermediate tutorial Misterh3D will take you though the process of modeling a simple human character in Maya 2010, newer versions such as maya 2011 and maya 2012 will indeed to the job too. Hope you Guys enjoy

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LIRON50 says:

“Maya for Beginners”

Limpylegs says:

@15:22…..He went to model a spiderman…….made a guitar instead.

Luca Barton says:

thanks for the tut but do u really need to show us how to copy and paste? if u cant c+V wtf r u doing on an animation progam

Mindphaser says:

What a terrible and bloated user interface. This app was made for aliens, not humans.

Krptic Unknown says:

when i select vertex , and try to select specific points on my mesh it just selects all the points causing it to scale everything down or up.

AhmEd WalEed says:

عظيم great

THEROTOM22 says:

how did he make the object transparent when i try moving the slider in the lambert color it just stays a solid color.

Atlas9Tails says:

I found this easy to understand, although I’ve never seen Maya before. Thank you!

Nikil Omkar says:

Thanks for giving an idea about AUTODESK MAYA

Jonathon McBrine says:

What year maya is this? Does that matter when following this project?

Scaarfii says:


Mayur varade says:

great but hard work

Trigg Hayward says:

When I try to scale the vertices it won’t slowly scale them it only scales it way bigger what should I do?

Ayush Baral says:

To rotate we press E what you keep on saying command D? I couldnt proceed.

The imagine studio says:
The Imagine Studio is Characters Modeling Services provides Company, which designs and produces 3d Characters Modelings & 3D Character Animation for the 3D Animation Industry, Low Poly Character Models and High Poly characters Models for Video Games, and Carton Movies.
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The Artichoke Pear says:

How to do I add reference planes?

Trigg Hayward says:

what key did you hit to move the vertices at 11:04?

Love YOU says:

i need x force keygen for maya 2014

Dangaz Frangaz says:

Use a better version nerd

Optic500 says:

Man you need to simplify this more

ZamKingTV says:

You mean to tell me I have to make drawings before I can model? Why not model out of what I already have?

Arius Myst says:

You should rename this to “Fixing things in Maya when you create unaligned reference images.”. I mean, I appreciate the effort and everything, but it’s a tutorial. You should just start with good reference images.

phuntshok wangdruk says:

It’s informative for us. Thank you for your hardwork,,,,,

Rajdeep Chakraborty says:

Hi, your tutorials are excellent, i loved it. Can you tell me where can i find such practice images. Thanks

Roman Smirnov says:

Help pls. How to change the center of camera rotaion on MAC. On Windows it can be did with “middle mouse button”, but “Magic Mouse” for MAC have not this button. P.S. sorry for my bad English

Theo Clarke says:

I see a few comments here saying that the textures don’t display on the models when applied and it stays gray. To people having this problem: you might need to set the viewport to show textures, do this by clicking the “textured” option in the toolbar directly above the viewport – it is a small circle with a checkerboard pattern on it.

Ayush Baral says:

whenever i rotate my plane on one window it rotates in the perspective but 1 have only one plane not 3 like you

Molkomuse says:

took you too long to start doing the actual modeling, but nice tutorial. I haven’t used extrude before i was booleaning different kids of boxes and toroids..

Gonga Like says:

I’m interested in learning 3D modeling, but man this shit looks so scary!

Accolade says:

Very useful

skizzy smith says:

you do not explain what you are doing. TOTALLY COMPLETELY USELESS. Have a nice day.

mustafa ansari says:

hey i created model but its not soft
i mean if you press 3 it will make it soft, but when you render it wont render soft

so how to make it soft

9robin3 says:

Hi! My model is built up using multiple meshes. Im working with both blend shapes and skeleton. . How can I skin these components AND use blendshapes only for my head in a good way? When I combine all meshes I lose acess to different components (making it impossible making blendshapes for the head only)


Munchiemox says:

Edge loop tool isn’t working

F K F says:

what is command d??? I`ve windows, and can`t find it. Someone help?:)

Swathy Soundar says:

Having problem in extruding can some one help

Creeeamy says:

*Sees everyone being scared in comments*

*Has been using maya for a year now, laughs with confidence*

Eunti says:

When i add the reference pictues in hypershade, they show up on my walls inside hypershade but NOT in the normal maya window, wtf?xD

DeepEye1994 says:

Would a MacBook Pro 13” be a good computer to use when I’ll get started with 3D and have Maya on it?

Animating Wolf says:

That moments when you just found out what maya is and your whatching tutorials like what?

Uncle Bernard The First says:

the white looks awful

Imali Jay says:

woah this is like watching someone hacking a government security system

ItIsSix says:

?Why every Maya Tutorial is 21 minutes

Avadhoot Sinkar says:

please explain where you got the pictures from( Top view, Front view, side view)?

MrRuminate says:

3D animating is really hard …just made one ….took weeks ….see my ‘Bouncing Piglet’ or ‘Buni Animation’ if you’re interested

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