Maya Modeling Tutorial – Modeling Basics for Beginners

Maya Modeling Tutorial – Modeling Basics for Beginners

In this Autodesk Maya Tutorial you will be taking a loot at basics of maya modeling. To begin with you will learn about different types of modeling, such as polygon modeling that you will focus on in this tutorial.

This tutorial was created by Tim from so if you enjoyed this tutorial make sure you check out his website here –


Thanks for Watching!


林 Lín 依建 Lǐ Jiàn says:

at 5:30
i dont know key on keyboard

Taucherglocke says:

Hey guys! Thank you so much for this great tutorial! I have one question though. What is the difference between the Edge Loop Tool and the Multi Cut Tool? I m mean obvisouly with the multi cut you can make more precise cuts so why take the Edge Loop?

Freya de Vries says:

i fking love you dude you saved my day

RR PP says:


HikikomoriGamer says:

Maya kinda sucks because it’s got no modifiers 🙁

GON! - Go Nerf Studio says:

Epic Tutorial ! One ofthe best I ever see from years 😉
Nice work man. Pretty easy to understand you.

Tolgay K says:

i cant find texture file!!!

jhgjj says:

how do you save the final UV map ready for exporting along side the final mesh?

Test Channel says:

can you pleaaasse stop chewing

hakan tunga says:

its too useful., Thnx

Han Solo says:

Please add Maya “2013” in your title. It’d help google bots to reference this page properly for what it is : a good, but old tutorial.

Tersivwz TreeTime says:

thanks for the help. You might want to spit your lozenge out next time 🙂

Demir Tahirovic says:

Took a class in college that pretty much taught this exact tutorial. Its based of some popular book i forgot the exact name, but either way, I would recommend everyone to stop with this tutorial before the texturing part. Texturing becomes way more difficult and is an entire different field. Focus on creating normal models like this one, learn all the basic tools sets, get more into modeling before you go into texturing. It will save you a head ache and it will also help out with texturing your future models (because of things like edge flow which isn’t explained).

Thynix says:

Lol, basics for beginners. ”I’m assuming you have a little bit of knowlegde of Maya’s user interface”. I don’t.

pogal01 says:

if it wasn’t for the wings it would look like a nose.

Villion Verse says:

stop chewing gum you fuck! Big trigger when you chew gum into your mic!

andrej ginoski says:

How i can smooth it in the new version???

kairus1 says:

why is it when i select vertex mode or edge mode it selects 2 vertex? i can’t select one vertex?


i wish you could use zheng he’s treasure ship for tutorial.

Very hard to learn ship model especially in 3dsmax

dev dev says:

How did you do the part at 5:38??? I’ve been trying for 15 minutes

APSI Beats says:

looked like dobby the elf when you smoothed it lol

jose andrade says:

where is the polycolor.iff file??

Aditya Deopurkar says:

How do I make Polycolor.iff file? I’m a beginner.

IPpainting says:

that is such a bad way to texture a model

who tought you that?
leaving the uv islands that way and not sretching them correctly is a massive no go

Mason says:

My Maya is different.
This isn’t the student version is it? 😛

Azrath-Kun says:

look i dont want to be that guy but when you were doing the edges i got a litle pissed you justt pressed a key and moved it forward without explaining you cant just make a tutorial for beginers and not say ALL of the keys even if they are basic thats why we are here we dont even know the basics other thatn that your video was great +1 sub +1 like

Game Record says:

When i click Extrude my mesh just gets messed up, stretches out really weird. I don’t know how to fix it,help?

Chad Rasmussen says:

how do you pull faces ect?

Rodrigo Rosales says:

Are you going to continue uploading maya tutorials ?

Shahid Toofan says:

kindy send me the image or the link

Jeremy Graham says:

Hey! Newbie question here if any of you can help me. If I want to keep a “blockish” feel to my model, is smoothing still necessary?

KittyQ says:

This doesn’t work for me, instead of scaling that part down it scales the whole polygon

Ian Hunter says:

When I add an extra edge, it creates a square on the outside. How do I make it look smoother? What am I doing wrong?

NonbinaryCanary says:

how in the world do you do the firs step? i click on the square polygon option and it automatically create a little cube. How are you doing that drag and shaping it?

Noypi Ako says:

The problem is, when I click the polygon cube,the cube in already on the center of the plane, and it can’t drag or resize the height or something.

Anu Aggarwal says:

wow this was great, i loved it… seems like maya approach is better, easier and faster than 3ds max. Loved it. Keep on the good work 🙂

Larzuk V says:

12:23 an elephant! n__n

Fabio Pontoni says:

As I cannot find any download for the shown textures, I have to finish the tutorial off at 16:00. Thank you very much! I learned a lot. Fabio

9robin3 says:

Thank you so much for the tutorial it was awesome. But it was even easier using the symmetry tool so you dont have to shift + select so much.

kairus1 says:

when i select on polygon maya selects both top and bottom polygons automatically. i can’t select just one poly sometimes? do you why?

Ben -G says:

hey do you have the 2016 version because, I am not able to implicate the same methods you were able to accomplish at 9:14

I tried another solution but I’m still anxious on knowing how you can do that in the 2016v

EDIT: well never mind i successfully fixed it. 🙂

I am now not able to apply the texture, any suggestions on what i am interpreting wrong?

Aaron Wise says:

Can Maya be used on Windows 10?

Mr. Teacher says:

Where can I find that UV texture?

Harjot Singh says:

What version of maya is this? I’m using the 2015 ver. and I can’t seem to find ‘Insert Edge Loop Tool’.

EDIT: nvm, I found it under Mesh tools

Luis Frias says:

where are the downloads for the picture


i have just started with whole 3d modelling and being watching all kind of videos. i must say this is the one that taught me more then any other video. Good work man

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