Maya Modelling Tutorial: Medium-Soft Objects

This tutorial covers modelling an armchair as an example of a hard/soft object. The key technique in this video are:

1. adding and positioning edge loops to create softness in a model.
2. using a mirrored instance to save time
3. combining mirrors back into one mesh


Jayman493 says:

Its people like you that keep my creative juices flowing. Never stop posting these tutorials.

Dawn Zhang says:

How do you extrude with the adjacent faces become a slope?? When I do it, it create rough edges….

mango091 says:

thanks, short and sweet

Jasmine Gary says:

Why did my duplicate special black and not the same as the other side?

Milan Ruzicka says:

Thanks für sharing this basic, yet very helpful video! I got one simply question: on second 0:23 you are selecting vertex first, then moving them mirrored from the center at once, towards the outer edges. Where can I find this kind of symmetrysettings?

emmanuel mallari says:

Hi ryan miller, I’m a little bit confused about on how did u make the other side to follow the movement of d
other half that u were adjusting is there a setting to do that?

Anand Munje says:

Hi Sir, Can you please give me your email id? I want to send my works and take some suggestions to improve

BJA Anderson says:

So concise! Thank you for these.

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