Maya: Simple Character Part 01 – Modeling

Goes over modeling a stylized low poly character body in Maya. See below for time-stamps of different sections in video.

__ Setting Up __
(0:04) – Creating the Project
(1:02) – Setting up Image Planes

__ Modeling the base __
(4:18) – Torso
(6:32) – Legs
(7:40) – Arms
(8:46) – Feet
(10:01) – Hand

__ Adding more resolution to add in more detail __
(10:22) – Smoothing Body to increase resolution
(10:38) – Making a mirrored duplicate for the other side

__ Continue modeling __
(11:32) – Foot
(15:51) – Leg
(18:58) – Knee, leg continued
(23:05) – Arm
(24:25) – Wrist, Thumb, Hand
(28:41) – Elbow
(30:25) – Neck
(33:17) – Head
(38:56) – Ear
(44:46) – Combining Head to Body
(45:06) – Welding Head to Neck
(48:35) – Mirroring the other half, Last minute tweaks

Part 2 – UV Unwrapping:

Sketchfab Example:

Download for ref images:

Instrumental produced by Chuki (


Xsukki Shima says:

Direct to the point and easy to understand, thanks!

Omar Nava says:

4:50 How do you go back to vertex mode?

Melissa Collier says:

Great tutorial, thank you so much! =)

Venoxic says:

Thank you for the great tutorial, love it.

Aurelia Regina says:


Arius Myst says:

Crtl+Shift and Right click and select component. Nope, doesn’t exist. Using Maya 2018. Anybody know where Autodesk has moved that too?

pillowdo 2017 says:

4:37 I Shift + Hold RightClick and I dont get the same thing, It did at first not sure what happened (maya 2018)

I restarted it made a new Project but didn’t fix it 😕

littlepipboy rich gang says:

can you slow down a bit. thx you.

Smartway Media says:

you are brilliant, I have learned so much from this. Thank you 🙂 x

Ronnie Evans says:

Pace is way too fast – shame as you teach pretty well!

KomicDrawing 4 You says:


Filthma says:

Thanks a lot for this.

joemdoo says:

D=!!! No tris! only quads!

Laia Poy Ros says:

I don’t know how to change the view with the mouse so I can see all the parts of the body. Help pls!

Tavin Wong says:


CD Faxtion says:

Where do I get these two pictures?

Namah Shrestha says:

Hey!! Just a question, can Maya be used to create sprites for games? Because most maya tutorials only showed modelling. The thing is, your tutorials are great and I just subscribed. So i would love to see a sprite series from you someday.

The Jammie Dodger 4 says:

This is really good
It looks like Casper the friendly ghost

ricky k says:

okay, i am VERY new to maya, as in i just downloaded the program today. i was following along with this tutorial and everything was working great until i got to the part about 4 minutes in where you have to shift right click to bring up a menu. i tried about 50000 times, yet shift + right click did absolutely nothing. i googled “maya shift right click not working” to find some solutions, and i only found two. the first said to type “CUI” into the command prompt and it’ll bring up a dialogue where you can toggle a setting or something. well the CUI command did not work, and i can’t seem to find another way to access that dialogue. the second was to close the program, delete the “prefs” folder, and open it again. that didn’t work either. does anyone have any idea what i could do? at the moment i’m stuck and can’t go further in learning how to use the program without being able to access this menu.

Lameche Housem says:

how i can move the two legs in the same time!!

Oasis Flame says:

did you go to lac lol

Mike Nie says:

insert edge loop tool works differently in the 2017 version, when I try to move the vertices the others around kind follow the motion instead of staying in place.
Edit: Sorry, my mistake. It seems I had “soft-selection” active. Pressed “B” on accident, it seems.

Harrison Lane says:

I don’t get it, at 37:34, click, hold shift, click to get the edge ring?

John Mckrugins says:

@ 7:40 When i try to move my legs on the x Axes, it doesnt bring the legs together…

冰晶淚 says:

Thank your video.It is wonderful to me. Make I can exercise character .Look forward your next teaching video

Manuel Landeros says:

It says my orthographic views are locked, can you help me out? Please

Jonathon McBrine says:

Where do I get the image planes for this?

King Orkish says:

As a long-time Max user now learning Maya, I found this to be rather helpful, thanks for this! Great work… take my sub and keep it up!

Inconigo EE says:

how do you make the different camera angles? it appeared so fast

Sean G says:

11:10 – Editing One Half Edits the other

danielaurista says:

The program itself looks complicated.

Jonathan Rodriguez Art says:

so great! thank you 🙂

José Luna says:

Awesome tutorial. It helped me to get started in Maya. Thanks a lot!

Solution FB says:

Really best draw baby with Maya I like.

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