Maya to Mudbox and back to Maya: Basic tutorial

A very simple first tutorial where we make a coin in Maya then export it to Mudbox, give it some detail and export a normal map. We then bring it back to Maya and give it a quick render in Mental ray.


Marshell B says:


Bluelight Productions says:

we are in 2017 and this tutorial is still one of the best out here in YouTube. Is well explained. Thank you!

Kimberly says:

That was not very basic but I loved all the detail and it does help to see how you ended up with such a gorgeous coin but I still barely understand what to do after watching…LOL.  It will take me hours to follow this one.  Thank you however because it is a beautiful end product!

J Jackson says:

You covered a lot of very important topics very quickly. This was superb!

Laissez - faire says:

Why do you have to use uv rays…Why not just import it to mudbox?

Miguel Octavio Rdz Salas says:

why did u delete the cheker??? or why did you create that?

nito209 says:

I keep following these steps but I must be doing something wrong, When  create a tiff it makes 4 different views instead of one, I even checked create one map for all targets and it still separates the mesh into 4 the top, left, right and bottom any one know how to solve this?

Toni Ferrara says:

Following the approach but can’t sculpt the mesh in Mudbox

Miguel Octavio Rdz Salas says:

how can u do that in the minute 4:00- 4:10???
shift + …..bracket arous? ????

ccripstar says:

why cant i find a 3ds max version of this

The Kaiser says:

Are you on MS-DOS or on Amiga?

gbacl says:

Yeah, what Tang Jessica  said. I dont understand why the pattern is getting to the other side of the coin. I tried to freeze one side but same thing happens, Ate the edge it gets to the other side. Any suggestion?

Fenixmaiden666 says:

Really good tutorial. I never realised how simple mudbox was to use.

Flo G says:

thank you, you told everything complex and connected to the goal. Someone asked about the maps. Think its just when you want to edit it on photoshop to create a diffusemap and use the checker to scale the map correctly to paint or sculp it in mudbox uniformly?

Jacques M says:

i don’t understand, isn’t his an old workflow? why don’t you use “Send to Mudbox” to open a connection between Maya and Mudbox…then just hit “UPDATE” to transfer between the two???

Kroniik Klutch says:

Hey man i was just wondering if you knew how to code and develop games, i have some ideas that i think would be as good as crossy roads the app.

Paul Kind says:

Great tutorial.  Some nice techniques shown here.  I really appreciate how you show the PROPER way to do it.  No poly stretching (or at least very minimal) and a good workflow.  Kudos pal!  Beginners need this stuff.

ken roger says:

More please, this is soooo good, (Student 3D film)

killingmon says:

I can never get the higher lvl mesh to the lower rez poly. Can you help plz

Raven Hana says:

Awesome tutorial, thanks!

Net Fret says:

Good tutorial, i think you can give us your bank account, i think many people want to donate you!)

Azzy Sky says:

just what i was lookin for! thanx! very helpful))

emaeshka says:

Hello! can make the lesson maya to create patterns?

Tang Jessica says:

PLEASE HELP! I don’t understand why the pattern appeared at the bottom side while I was sculpting the top of my coin ?! The size of sculpt tool was 0.5 and the strength was 0.02. I’ve tried to adjust these two values but it didn’t solve this problem…Please Help!!! THX!!

CG VFXing says:

Shared on
Thanks a lot!

Homebrew Animations says:

thanks for the tutorial, I was able to complete my model because of this.

Frederick McAninch says:

Much realism. So digital.

izvarzone says:

What’s better for rendering, high-poly model or low poly with normal map?

Marko Soldo says:

nice work

milkmanofdoom says:

Thanks, very helpful!

Fortnite FORTNITE says:

GOD all that work for a coin? to be honest there is got to be a short cut on this.. lol good video but too much work involved here bro 😕

Capitaine Haddock says:

Thanks a lot for this, i was looking for this workflow for a time ! Would this still work if you had lots of layers in mudbox ?

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