Maya Tutorial for Beginners 2016 | 2017

Welcome to my Maya Tutorial. In this free beginners Maya tutorial video you will learn all the basics of Maya 2016 or 2017 including the tools and user interface, how to create polygon models, texture them, to light your scene and finally to create a rendered image of your work.

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To download the texture files for this Maya tutorial, click here –
You can find the written version of this Maya tutorial here –

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Sakib Shahriyar says:

1:22:30 anyone having rendering issue in maya 2017? i’m having black screen when i render

Daniel Rickman says:

Great video, new to Maya and this has helped me get to grips with a lot of the options! I do have a question though every time I render it takes about 10 seconds and just loads up a completely black screen.

I know it’s not the lighting as before i changed my render settings i had a very dark render with none of the lighting effects showing.

Please help I would love to finish this scene and show it off!

BeakerLabs Inc. says:

When I apply the rock texture to the pillar it covers the entire pillar rather than fading off. How do I get it to fade off? I didn’t miss a single step. Btw, I’m using maya 2017

CompletlyBunned says:

I learned more with you than in 4 semesters in uni. Awesome tutorial!

Skribble The Dutch Angel Dragon says:

Theres a problem that I figured out. Whilst rendering, everything was extremely dark. The fog never showed up. Maya 2017 came out with a new feature and introduced ‘Arnold’ Rendering and made it the default Rendering Software. All you need to do is switch it to Maya Software and babam. There you go.

Kng says:


Shehzaan Ansari says:

I’m having a tough time following this tutorial since the cube I created, when selected, only selects on side of the cube and not the whole thing. This is really frustrating. Can someone help me? What am I doing wrong?

dude says:

I downloaded your images and copied them into sourceimages but they don’t show up when I click on the file icon in hyper shade. The sourceimages seems to be empty. But when I open the file myself I see the images. I deleted prefs to reset Maya but that didn’t help either.

Shanil Wijesinghe says:

Very organized, clean and clear tutorial. I want to see you do this full time. Support this person on Patreon!!

SchlurpsWorld says:

This Tutorial is awesom. I picked up Maya today, and you helped me to kickstart my process a lot. Thank you for that mate.

R J says:

Excellent video. I liked how you verbally stated exactly what you were doing so that we can know what buttons you’re pressing since we can’t see your keyboard. The on screen visual aids were also helpful. Thanks for this. I look forward to seeing your other videos.

Pixneyh says:

this is really useful

Arron Bates says:

When I do my renders the intensity of the lighting makes no difference. The scene is just really dark and if it’s not being hit by the light it’s just pitch dark rather than casting shadows. Plz help

Cheche Ramírez Márquez says:

The textures link doesn´t work. Could you send me another link? I´ve already registered my e-mail to get to to the textures link but it doesn´t work. 🙁 Anybody? Help.

Aaron Smith says:

Thanks very much for the video. Is there any plan for an advanced skills version? Would be great, and appreciated

Victoria Lovett says:

When I test render my scene, its just black

Passing time With Pradyu says:

Really really really helpful and educational video! And the fact that you are doing this for free, needs to be highly appreciated! Keep doing what you’re doin mahn! ;”)

Dank Kush says:

Comming from Blender… This just completely killed my muscle memory ;-;
Why would you ever use E for RRRRRRotate and R for SSSSSSSize
Blender controls are just stupid intuitive compared to this

Guillermo Rafael Sanchez says:

hello, i cant open the render 🙁 it only looks black

zVinicciUS says:

OOOOOOOH! Thank you so much for placing subtitles!

J0ey1424 says:

Hey great tutorial but I’m stuck. I’m using Maya 2015, and it won’t let me assign material to an object. I used the 2nd method because I don’t have a 3rd button. So selected the object, I right clicked on the material, and dragged up to the choose “assign Material to selection” and nothing happens. The result at the bottom says “Result: blinn1sG”. Help, Thanks.

Deepro Bardhan says:

thnks for this tutorial …. i m a real fan of 3d models… i want to become game programmer…please post more tutorials …. my number is 8240274633…and i read in high school……

حمد مسعود says:

sorry I forgot to say thank youuuuuuuu for this a very useful lesson .

vijayaraghavan p says:

my x y z arrows are missing

حمد مسعود says:

I made everything perfect, but the lights and sun glow , as much as I increase them I don’t have any result .

bedowiiu says:

maya crashed on me 😛

Noah Powell says:

its good but do you use a trackball mouse

BR says:

Hands down the best Introductory Maya tutorial on the web! Last year I gave up on learning after subscribing to Digital Tutors! Most introductory courses on other websites are just so complicated to learn..

I am so happy I finally found this tutorial. Now for the first time I am really excited to learn Maya. Everything was so easy when I followed the cool.. I can make 3d models now 🙂 . Thank You so much for making this video. You really made my day!!! You are the best!

Prayag Lehana says:

you know what??…this is the best tutorial i ever had .. it is of two hours .. but still you made it too interesting .. hats off to your work .. keep it up PLEASE.. you earned my like and subscribe too 😉

Jaxon Petersen says:

Your dictation and teaching style is absolutely phenomenal. Well done, would love to collaborate!

Anshu Saxena says:

how can i download the texture file ? the link not for the download page

Twinz Mods says:

as i love animation, i really want to know how they made and work and i would love to follow my passion to create an animation too! thank you very much for this video well done and appreciated so much for your tutorial 🙂

Eduardo Alejandro Guzman Lau Len says:

Can someone help me? Whenever I render using Maya Software appears full black. I have googled it, but can’t find anything.

Bikramjit Singh says:

This is useless, it doesn’t teach you the fundamentals of maya, someone will come out of this class only knowing exactly what you taught them if even that, get a book on maya instead

Victoria Lovett says:

Best video tutorial for learning ANYTHING that I have ever watched. Thank you!!

Kirsty Johnson says:

Yay! Shane actually taught me to use Maya along with a lot of other useful media related subjects a few years back when I was studying. I can say he is a great teacher! Great video 😀

creampie says:

the texture files can’t be acessed anymore, since after registering for the “subscription” I only get taken to your youtube page.

Charles C says:

Thank you so much! This tutorial is wonderful.

PS. I will be taking a 3D Exam soon, wish me luck! 😀

PhantomPlay says:

the link to texture pack is not working

Zero says:

You are simply SO GOOD! I was postponing 3D modelling for years, because I was afraid to not understand anything (like I had this issue with programming), but you are soo easy to understand, always cheering up and have such a good pronunciation that I could not resist to walk by this course!

In short: Totally awesome!
Definetily sending you some money 🙂

Henk Welman says:

The Texture link is not working. It just links to a newsletter subscription… Ah nevermind after subscription a download link is emailed.

Holographic Sol says:

brilliant tutorial, thnx. really useful

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