Maya Tutorial for Beginners – Hard Surface Subdivision / High Poly Modeling quick intro

Maya Tutorial for Beginners – Hard surface Subdivision Modeling quick intro

In this tutorial you will learn some of the main differences between high poly (subdivision) and low poly modeling in Autodesk Maya 2013. You will also learn some of the basic tools such as smooth mesh preview and how to subdivide your geometry by using the smooth tool and apply smooth mesh preview to polygon tool.

This tutorial is aimed at beginners.
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4LaCKY1 says:

Hi. Please. Why my polycount increases after I using subd preview just like when I use smooth function? 

DBproductions says:

I came accross the video the other night while rushing to find the answer to a different question about high poly to low poly modeling. I took the time to watch it just now, and I learned a great deal about a very simple concept which explains so much more when extrapolated into more complex meshes that i’ve seen around the internet. Thank you so much.

dicloniusN35 says:

what about UV after this? It is stretched at the corners(

Steven Aikins says:

hello thank you for this video. quick question: after I add the edge loops do I go to mesh>smooth then? and it will just smooth according to my edge loops or will it add additional unnecessary edge loops?

Runner Ho says:

How do you smooth only a particular selected face or area and not the whole object?

therond gabriel says:

you speak to much its boring

Usha Patel says:


harken says:

Whats that technique called when you can modify the lowpoly version within a visible bounding box and it applies the smoth on the go? I forgot the name of the technique and im trying to find a video of it as Ive seen some modelers use it where theyd shape a model in lowpoly, then apply a subdivision of 2, go back and modify the low poly and rerender the subdivision of 2 so that the surfaces renders and behaves in the liking of the artist?

C says:

Hello i’ve got a question if i wanna create Sci fi (hard surfaced) Game character do i have to create the Hard Surfacing on the low poly model or how does that work ?? 🙂

Mike F. says:

Have a shot every time he says “go ahead”… you’ll be smashed by the end of the video.

Jashan Singh says:

So while modeling we will press 3 to see the smooth preview and then adjust the edge loops
And after we have completed the modeling process we will Apply smoothing by going to mesh>smooth
Correct me if I am wrong

Robert Defiance says:

The overuse of term “go ahead” destroyed my brain.

knight2battle says:

Box is easy.. what if its a diamond shape? Or like a cross? or a complex box shape with extrusions?

Avi Schiffmann says:

Great video

H4xxmax says:

Is more coming? Found this to be quite interesting, Really do appriciate these kinds of videos and am happy that I subbed to this channel.

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