Maya tutorial : How to create your first animation in Maya

How to create your first animation in Autodesk Maya ?
Well, if you are a first time animator or completely new to Maya it can be a bit scary to get through the User Interface and start to understand how to get the ball rolling so to speak.

So in this beginners video I will show you a simple way to get started with your animation . Keep in mind that this is technically a simulation but hey, it’s fun

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This tutorial will show you how to setup and play a simple animation in Autodesk Maya with domino bricks. It involves active and passive rigid bodies, dynamics, gravity fields etc.

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You can support my channel with Amazon purchases ( see below )

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Mr. Creasy says:

It looks like a similar process in blender

JG16riffin says:

I like it 🙂

GeorgeMcflySB says:

For 2016 the tab for dynamics isn’t showing

Animation Maker says:

Very nice & important to begeinner.

3D Artist HCL says:

I like your video. it is helpful for me! Thank you so much! but i need Particle in Maya.

Kunj Solanki says:

Thanx for tutorial.

Araira Kaz says:

Hey Boss, where is the link of your good book?

Megan Cepe says:

It didnt work on my project, both of the sphere and the cubes drop together. Can you pls help me what to do? thanks a lot its just urgent because i need to pass this project this week

Dobedo tyll says:

This is not animation. This is adding some primitives into a scene then pressing play with physics doing the work. Why didn’t you just drag a cube into the scene – key the frame – move the cube a few meters and then key a new frame?

Oziee says:

amazing.. subbed

meemiohan says:

Thank you so much. I am learning Maya now.

Director 2nyifx says:

iam beginner

Dark Warrior says:

I just subscribed. Thanks Mike.

Royce Wang says:

I wanted to ask if you have made any Maya 2015 tutorial video on how to create a simple merry-go-around video. My school is teaching Maya and the teacher want us to make a simple merry-go-around animation.

Sebastián González Majó says:

Hey I’m sorry but this is NOT an animation, it’s a physics simulation. The name of the video is misleading.

Hardwired Studios says:

Do you have one for maya 2016?

Jahangir Akbar says:

thank you for your Tutorial. this is very Easy! I use Blender it can also done with Blender 3D very Easily with Same Steps..

Mike A Patterson Morales says:

Can you help me? I dont know how to drag the plate on to the grid!!

SEO News says:


SludgeDredd says:

That’s just simulation…

Director 2nyifx says:

iwant to know more abaut maya

Fynää Kurvinen says:

firstly, why cant I drag the plane? when I click on it, it appears automatically in a small size :((

Niamatullah Shinwari says:

hi sir how to download this software, and can we get it free version??

Love YOU says:

cool i like your videos keep uploading……….

Irixodiate X says:

Hello, I have seen your video and it is great, it helped a lot!
However can you explain me how to export that thing? I watched couple of other tutorials but it just doesn’t work at all.
I have 200 frames and it is bascially a charcater and a camera spinning around it.
How can I export it? Also do you have any idea why do I get a blue screen once I try to render an image with mental ray?

Thank you so much beforehand!

Steven Nuñez says:

mine runs slower, plz how you make run fluid the animation? thanks

Nathan Kirui says:

hey,my polygon sphere cannot hit the bricks…..just shows the sphere object falln behind the can i make it fall on the brick.

Vidyadharani Santhosh says:

Thank you so much…!!! I did my first animation..Please upload how to add a skeleton to a human figure and make it move in a video please…!!

CloudStrife01992 says:

at 1:39. can u please tell me what you do to make it multiple?

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