Maya tutorial: How to model a 1950’s Barstool

In this 3D modeling video in Maya 2015 I will explain how to model a 1950’s barstool.

Here’s the link to the reference image :


James McLean says:

Cheers Mike 🙂

Bruno Tyanka says:

Nice video Mike, your videos are the best tutorials on YouTube 🙂

Oh and I have a slight issue, I can’t seem to see any objects used in the visor when rendering in mental ray but I do see them when using Maya render.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance

PS:A tutorial on making a realistic diamond would be cool 🙂

Geir Karlsen says:

Hello. I’m modeling a bar for my 3D-modeling course at school. This tutorial helped me a lot, and very easy to follow for a beginner. I will definetly check out more of your tutorials. Thank you! 🙂

Kubau2 says:

I’ve got one question about this project.
I’m trying to make the bolts by my own, but I’ve been searching all over the internet and I can’t find any way to make a sphere that is filled, not empty inside.
Do you know how to do it?

AceSkylight says:

Hi, I discovered your channel yesterday and your tutorials are awesome, really helpful : )
But since I’m “new” in maya, at 14 minutes, you “snap” the “bar” to the center of the seated, how do you do that?
Thanks 🙂

Who Blah says:

A lot of good tips thanks for taking the time to make this videos and the way you teach it very awesome. The tutorials help a lot!.  Thanks again. JR

SixStringsOfHeart says:

I’m really impressed with your videos! Do you have a video for everything? Cause thing I want to model, thing I find in this channel. You are awesome! BTW, do you have any animation tutorials?

xhinz naoki says:

Hi Mike.. as always your tutorial is very good for beginner!

i have a question
in rendering section, you are using “mental ray” as renderer
i’m not really sure why the renderer options tabs quite different comparing to mine…

your options tabs in mental ray is
Common > Passes > Features > Quality > Indirect Lighting > Options
my options tabs is
Common > Quality > Scene > Configurations > Diagnostics

do you know where i can find Indirect Lighting tab is?
im using Maya 2016.

thank you Mike

JackEdwards3D says:

Just wanted to say I love your videos Mike. I normally see what you have made, try and make it without watching the video then see how close I can get then watch it to notice my mistakes/what I could of done better. You’re videos alone have made me improve so much, so thank you. 

Максим Борович says:

Hi again Mike. 
I have a few nooby questions about Maya in general, sry if they are too lame :-0
1. While working in a single project, I added there many objects with different types of materials. At the moment I noticed that maya started to act slowly. The longer I work in a project the more CPU memory Maya takes, up to 99% of my 16GB. Maya capable of handling much complicated scenes, so how to fix that?
2. How to see how many polygons are in object? 

Thanks! 🙂

Kubau2 says:

Great tutorial.
It’s my first project in maya and I must say it’s a very noob friendly tutorial.
Although I had to look up few things (like selecting the edge all around), had a problem with red texture (which also appeared black before render), but after all I made.
Thank You.

soumyadeep mukherjee says:

I am a regular follower and fan of yours .i watch all the video that you post.please make a car .a jeep is there i followed dat too but car is not there.please make a car and again a request please make frequent videos else i stay lame

Christopher Williams says:

Can you tell me how you drag and drop a polygon into the view? I have Maya 2016 and I’m thinking that it is something in the settings that I might need to change. When I click on the polygon, it automatically center the polygon in the center. Thanks!!

AceSkylight says:

Ok, now I have a real problem, when I select leather and I hit the “texture button”, my seated is just black, the leather texture doesn’t appear :/

Mike Hermes says:
Chaos Descent says:

Great tutorial as always!

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