Maya tutorial : How to model a Celtic ring

In this 3D Modeling tutorial I will show you how to model a Celtic golden ring


wendel cortez says:

no wonder why there’s no dislikes. you are awesome 🙂
I wish I have the skills that you have 🙁


how to create desert landscape in maya


Mike is AWESOME!!!

Keagan Childers says:

Mike can you Model a Klein bottle? If so, that would be cool. 
Thanks 🙂

Ian Bartscherer says:

Hi Mike
Could you do model and render a planet / space scene?

Savannah Hall says:

I really enjoyed this tutorial!! Sadly I had my ring built but for some reason Maya/my computer did not like it. It kept slowing down on me!!! Thank you though!!

Stefano Rolando says:

At 5:44 the placement would have been easier if you snapped the celtic ring and the pipe to the grid (you know, by holding X), wouldn’t it?
Pipe or thorus are equivalent in this case or is there a particular reason why you chose the pipe and then rounded it?

Zed Tremont says:

Nice tut, thank you Mike, question, one step further, I used IBL quite some time ago for a jewell all went very well…. upto the moment I needed a baked texture of it…
Used material MIA_X just as you showed, in render perfect result as I wanted, bake, fractions and doesn’t make much sense at all. Would really love to see some tut about that topic. Time to take that project out of the fridge again.
Thank you 🙂

Stefano Rolando says:

Could you please show how to model an armour (using a pre-existing body shape as a base)?

Zenovarse says:

how to model a tiara?

MMACZ88 says:

Your vids are awesome. If it is not too much to ask, could you make a 3D model of a virus? 🙂

TheBritishPotato says:

mine renders nowhere near as good as yours, mine seems low quality.. jagged edges. i selected everything you did in render options?

James McLean says:

Cheers Mike – Couple of coffees coming your way!

wendel cortez says:

no wonder why there’s no dislikes. you are awesome 🙂
I wish I have the skills that you have 🙁

Priyanka sodagar says:

Hi, can u please do a tutorial for modelling a volkswagen camper van?

Ege Esra says:

Hello, I love your videos ! It’s kinda fun to learn Maya with your videos. But sometimes you use keyboard shortcuts. Can you write the shortcuts on subtitles ?
Plus I made this ring wiothout making it union. When I did it the elements disappeared. Can you tell me where I went wrong ?
Thanks !

Yakov Bondarchuk says:

Thanks Mike!

Hemanth Nali says:

easy process to learn… ur tutorials are good #mike

northwest24 says:

I need help. When i go to Mesh – Booleans, one ring disappears.

Sebastián Pizarro says:

Done! Today I learned new things.
THanks Mike!

Mike Hermes says:

How to model a Celtic ring in Autodesk Maya

vamshi vams says:

sorry for asking you so many questions
can you please tell me why to smooth as we can add more no of sub divisions to make it look smoothed

J Jackson says:

Loved it!

wendel cortez says:

no wonder why there’s no dislikes. you are awesome 🙂
I wish I have the skills that you have 🙁

Warrior Maddy says:


TheBritishPotato says:

hey, erm do you know why my maya keeps crashing everytime i go to the all lights view?, awesome tutorial btw. yours are the only tutorials i like 😛

emre mutlu says:

mike thank you very much

Austin Johnson says:

Mike you really are the best out there. I know you’ve already made your own weapon model but could you make a realistic ak model and makrov side arm together on a soldier. The soldier can be one from the internet if you dont want to make one (or you can make one if you want) because i know a human model is time consuming and a bit more of a challenge, but I just want to know how to make the weapons and how to attach it the soldier realisticly

Warrior Maddy says:


Ahmed Saeed says:

Hey +Mike Hermes
Can you model a sugr pot with sugar? Thanks mike

Meng Hi says:

Thank you for the demo. I completed the Celtic ring step by step followed your direction. Thank you very much. It’s fun. I am 54 years old, but I am still learning Maya.

Jose Rodriguez says:

Fantastic, fast, easy and concise. Greetings

kairus1 says:

when 3D printing can i unite objects like you did in 2:50 for printing?

Nader Zaki says:

i like the way u teaching , go a head, many thanks

Meng Hi says:

Beautiful! it looks like a real one.

Silfaki says:

I can’t find the Mia_material_x so I can’t click on present to find Copper can you help me please ^^

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