Maya tutorial ; How to model a Cup Cake

In this Autodesk maya 2015 3D modeling tutorial I will show you how to model, texture and render a Cup Cake


Meddie Ruiz says:

Thank you so much for this tutorial, it helped me a lot! The swirl looks really cute! 😀

Mohammed Salem says:

Aaaaaand as always!!! , just amazing, thank you for these great tutorials , by the way bon voyage

Atakan Özel says:


Mohab Salah says:

i want to eat it

MoonSong Forest says:

Thank you that tutorial explained a lot of details to me since I changed from Cinema to Maya.

HikikomoriGamer says:

…How would that action be done in 3DS max? 11:19?

Gabriel RST. says:

very impressive sr.

Emma Olivia says:


Clara Fang says:

Thanks a lot for your video, I’m new to maya and your video helped me a lot 😀

Diego R. de la Rosa says:

This was awesome! Thank you!

Mark Hi says:

super tutorial. Thank you. Take care of you.

APK Cheating says:

Good trick with lattice

cristian tabares says:

Delicious xD

Khushi Gaming says:

Amazing sir

emaeshka says:

super tutorial)

The Great Realm Of Bacon says:

I really loved this tutorial, it was A+ and the fun factor was a 10! heres my cupcake!

thanks mike

Savannah Hall says:

I made a pretty cupcake!!!

Ygor Luiz says:

Nonlinear > Twist, it’s really quickly.

Sei Minuet says:

Why not use a Nonlinear Twist deformer instead of the Lattice method?

Medhead says:

Amazing and very helpful!

gugu says:

easy to understand. thank you

MBen I says:

Welcome back mike, nice modeling as alway. Congrats.

Alex lutz says:

Great job on the tutorial mike I was wondering why you haven’t uploaded any thing in a few days hope you are feeling better;)

Shams Moaied says:

hi.. thank u 4 video but How can I design lines on the cup without that used images?

Daniel Peace says:

Awesome video, i learned nothing but watched the entire tutorial just to enjoy such a high quality lesson, i`ve high expectations on the next videos i watch, thank you!! Keep it up bro!!

Sussie Carmicheal says:

wait what did pressing 3 do exactly? @ 13:10

İrem Dikbıyık says:

Thanks I love your tutorials, here is my cake 🙂

Amin Graphic Designer says:

kindly upload tutorial about how to make a soft cake and set uv texture realistic soft cake texture.

APK Cheating says:

You can give me the texture?

swagatam mitra says:

Please upload those pictures links… Hdri links..

BOXERGIRL Kelli-ann says:

This is AWESOME. I see you’ve a cookie tutorial as well. Can’t WAIT to model.
I’ll use both in My World I’m creating. Thanks again for SUPER fabulous work!

Kgirl says:

could you make a modeling tutorial about spaghetti in a bowl plz?

FrequencyIO says:

Welcome back Mike! Love your vids Man…

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