Maya tutorial : How to simulate a Car Crash

In this Autodesk Maya nDynamics tutorial I will show you how you can deform metal in Maya using nCloth combined with a Uniform field. Using this technique will allow you to simulate a car crash.


Stock Footage says:

your tutorials are short , clean and to the point .. sUBSCRIBED !!!

Trio sukarna says:

hey i have a question.

i want to animate car by keyframe, and then after that i want it simulated by dynamic.
let say from frame 1 to 100 , i animated a car using key frame, and after frame 100 i want ncloth do its job.
is it possible, rather than using uniform field to make the car moving ?

Eduardo Rezende says:


mookforhire says:

H mike, No clue if you’ll see this- but i’m having issues with my car crash sim- namely that the wheels and details on the model fly off as the car moves forward. How can I get them to stick until the car collides with the pole?

Stock Footage says:

on a real wall, camera projected wall destruction



Eddie Tyndall says:

You have the best tutorials! Thank you!

Andrew Novitsky says:

nice car bro!

King Law says:

Thanks for great tutorials always I have learned so much from your tutorials I have a request though 🙂 can you make a tutorial of gun fire coming from a helicopter or plane, please ?

MOhammed Ramadan says:

Thank you for this amazing tutorial .
i have a question:
is there is any way to don’t smooth some objects in the scene while rendering using Mentalray ??
Thank you again .

FrequencyIO says:

Awesome…. Thanks Mike!

Danielle says:

Hi. I tried your tutorial and followed every step but my car keeps on falling down and not moving forward to the pole. What should I do?

TheVenom490 says:

I’d love to see this technique brought into unreal engine, just so I can see how it would work. Thanks for the video though! Keep up the great work!

zoygas says:

Have you tried to that with DMM?

tariq0513 says:

another great tutorial, thanks Mike its much appreciated.

Mike Hermes says:

How to simulate a Car Crash in Autodesk Maya

Grebull says:

Do a tutorial on how to make a building fall please!

vachan katrathana says:

thanks a lot 🙂 when it comes to graphic design , animation etc..time is money!! and you saved lot of it !!! as i mentioned before for some other tutorial of yours, “No bullshit, just what’s necessary” !!!

Stock Footage says:

can u do a tutorial on bullet hits damage on walls, small fractals and wall broken wall pieces

Non Stop says:

How might I import this into Unreal Engine?

Kevin Cho says:

Thank you for the informative video! I hope you are well 🙂

k kyaw says:

Hello MH, plese How to solve Global line Error Shatter Effects Tutorial


it is cool!
Do you maybe have a hint for me how to achieve also smashing the Glas on the crushing car?
Thank you in advance.

Mr Kandahar says:

Hi Mike, How can we save this, so that we can use it in AE?

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