Maya Tutorial Ink FX: Advecting Particles w/ Fluids

This is a maya tutorial on how to give fluid behavior to particles to create ink or dust-like effects. We’ll be using a process called advection. Advection by definition is the transfer of heat or matter by the flow of a fluid. We will transfer information from the velocity field of a low resolution fluid onto nparticles and use very high emission rates to have enough particles to create ink-like structures.



Dsgnrm says:

Thankyou, this is AWSOME, Can’t believe i have been using maya for over a year without venturing into the fluid Dynamics yet.

davidxfelipe says:

Also!, do you mind if I ask for your computer specs? seems to me that your simulation runs pretty smoothly.
I have an i7 and is lagging a lot. :/

Allan Rosado says:

Thanks for sharing!
I would like to see a fully rendered one

rock lobster says:

Can you give some information about the render settings? How do I keep the look of individual particles , more wispy and powdery, like in your brush video, instead of just billowing fluid/smoke?

Stefan Bachrodt says:

Awesome tut! No idea why everyone is boasting about all sorts of plugins like FumeFX and bladi bla when this technique works so well in Maya on its own. Can anyone tell me how i may achieve a smoke ring effect? Or something like what smokers call a, “JellyFish”??

darthbananas says:

Hi, was wondering if you could help me, is it possible to apply a vortex field to nparticles, for extra control over their movement? I’ve tried doing it myself, apply the vortex force as normal, even checking in the dynamic relationships editor, but the vortex never seems to have influence over their movement, would appreciate the help. Thanks

Abdulrahman Animation says:

Very nice tutorial. Keep it up. You earned my subscribe sir. Cant wait to see more videos of this nature. All the best sir!

Marcella D says:

Is there anyway you can do the same thing here, but in 2016 or 2017 (which will come out soon)? Because 2016 was being difficult when I tried to do what you did here

Edward Radev says:

How do I pop out he layers panel that’s on the left side? I also am confused hot you did the set key operation.

Shev Vin says:

i was waiting for this one thanks bro !!

Amiran Sulkhanishvili says:

Thanks, really good, simple tutorial with a good results. Need to render this in krakatoa and comp it in post. good lesson from digital tutors 😉

Laura Russell says:

Very Beautiful!

Alexis Smith says:

Hi. Thank you for your helpful tutorials. Would you mind posting a tutorial on ink in water? Thanks in advance. 🙂


Thank you all for your interest and subscribes, I will be rebooting the videos on my channel very soon with updated tutorials that are broken up in sections i.e. Fluids pt1: Setup, Fluids pt2: Optimizing, Fluids pt3: Rendering, etc. I had no idea this many people would be interested in learning more. I’ll start giving this channel more of my time! and getting you some better tutorials!

Armin Johansson says:

My emitter speed properties, directional speed, does not seem to influence the fluid speed at all as much. When playing at 4:20, My fluid cloud looks more like a ball then the stream which appears in the video.

BornSoldier PeaceBlood says:

Thanks Ryan H

Giacomo Allegri says:

How do you pair emitter 1 to fluid emitter 1 at 8:23?

VergaNeitor says:

where is the render tutorial?

Taraneh Sahban says:

Thank you Splicer TV, could you put the file in the description, I clicked on the link and it says the file is not available.

Khadijeh A says:


davidxfelipe says:

what maya are you using?

LordEga says:

Great Tutorial, thank you very much. The particle render tut that you mentioned would be great, hope you can do it.

Liviu Ceacar says:


Axel Hansson says:

I would really like a rendering tutorial, great video!

A Smile Thailand Thailand says:

Thanks for sharing Clear to present i will follow you and if you have another tutorial i will wait them
Cool………. step by step clear and easy to understand Thanks again

Iskren Ivanov says:

I made a particle system emitting from a NURBS circle and using a 3D container to simulate smoke, but when I try to spin it to make like a tornado swirl the VORTEX field does not work…

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