Maya tutorial : Model a lemon and cut it in half

In this short tutorial we will model, texture ( UV ) and animate the lemon to fall into two pieces.

Here’s the link to the Lemon Slice image


MidnightDoesn'tLastForever says:

Hi, Hello and Hi again, 

Well, thank you! A lot! For really helping me out with yout tutorials 😀 
Now I know what I could do for a presentation in school (topic: recreate a maya tutorial. Very productive, right? Yeah… we have a real nice teacher… not! I mean, we started using Maya in September and now we are supposed to act like pros… why not)  Anyways… I like this tutorial, I tried it, I can do it and now this is going to be it: My recreation of a Maya tutorial in front of a pretty big class and my very, very, very nice teacher… Nevermind 😉 
Thank you! 

Brett Alex says:

Great tutorial…..especially for beginners. You are a great teacher!

Vineet Chaubey says:

thanks a lot . i also create a lemon with your help

Roma Levin says:

Wow thats just awesome !

Razz Boi says:

Thank you for this tutorial!

Mathusan says:

You explain very well :), best tut out there, but hearing you exhale every time is kind of distracting :/

akaCol1987 says:

Would the same rigid body technique work for making a ball roll on cue after being struck by another rigid body object?

I’ve been trying to figure out how to make balls roll realistically on a pool table.

voyance immediate says:

Or  a interesting tuto could be a Christmas scene ?

Building a Snowy landcape with a wood house and snow effect.

Richard Mika says:

neat but voice low

MMACZ88 says:

Cool Vid!

Jasuh says:

Cant find the lemon on that link anymore 🙁

Zac Eskridge says:

Thank you for this! Got a little hard to follow around the whole unwrapping thing when applying the lemon slice picture. Besides that you were extremely helpful. Thank you.

AbsolutAntonius says:

This is awesome for a noob like me. Thank you. Straight to the point, no useless chit chat. 5 Star mate.

northwest24 says:

Hey Mike
My lemon splits but it shows blank inside , no lemon-split image …:(

James Hewitt says:

Awesomesauce Network intro song

arav jain says:

hey mike where do I find the soft rigid body menu in maya 17,as there is no dynamics menu?

TheM4hero says:

What does unfolding do?

ajinkya naik says:

Please be louder in your videos. It is very difficult to hear and understand you…

MBen I says:

Hi mike! Thanks by the tutorial, i have a request, how about model a sandbag, best regards. : )

Sean McNamara says:

Hi there – At the point in the tutorial when you select half of the lemons faces and then abstract and separate the two halves nothing happens on my end. It remains a whole lemon. Any idea of what may cause this? Thank you!

Ewa Wojtowska says:


Vijayrahul Raja says:

Sir I have followed the tutorial step by step and got the exact and smooth output. Thank you for an excellent video.

Ronaldo vieira says:

link off , please upload textures

Simon McKenzie says:

Hi Mike!
I’ve been watching your vids for the last couple of weeks and your teaching is outstanding!
I had one problem with this one, when I clicked play the lemon fell through the plane! And I double checked that I had clicked create passive rigid body on it like 5 times! Can’t work out what to do!
And also, I’m sure you have a very busy schedule, but do you think you could include a tutorial on modeling architectural environments? Maybe you could do a series! I’m reall struggling with render setting and lighting, both for inside and outside Static shots.
Thanks heaps for everything!

Rajesh K Shrestha says:

how to that 1:35

Abhishek Kanwar says:

At 3:12, where can we have the menus? I am using Autodesk Maya 2013.

Melissa Collier says:

Very awesome…thank you for this.

Ximares says:

when life gives you lemons–

Josh Black says:

There’s a quicker way to re-arrange the inside of the lemon slice, click on the ‘UV’ tab, then ‘Planner’, But this tutorial is really useful for learning to animate! (used maya 2016 so things were a little different with certain tools)

Thăng Trần says:

I’m waiting for your tutorial about Vray 3.0 in maya 2015 =.=!!I really like your tutorial,easy to undestand.

The Great Realm Of Bacon says:

im trying to do a batch render on it but it only renders the first 10 frames??

vinod p says:

hello sir,i want know how to download new materials in maya2016

Ethan Minecraft & More says:

How can we find Soft/Rigid Body in Maya 2016?

anoli patel says:

when i split lemon and do the step fill hole it turns black lemon and yellow part goes using 2016

Ege Esra says:

When I click on hypershade, there is no workarea, there is just tabs and when I move labert the yellow one on the area , there just a list appears. so I can’t move the fractals on the lemon. Can you help me, please? (maya 2017)

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