Maya tutorial : Model and texture a Tennis Ball in 3D ( full tutorial )

In this full modeling ( Maya 2017 ) and texturing ( Keyshot ) tutorial I will show you how to create a Tennis Ball in full.



Autodesk Maya 2017

Screen recording : Movavi Video Suite

3D Control : SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit

3D Mouse : SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit ( AutoCAD mouse )

Camera : Canon EOS M10

Camera : GoPro Hero 4 Black
( haven’t used it yet. It for visiting fairs and stuff )

Small Gorilla Tripod for desk :

Normal Tripod for outside :

Wacom tablet

Keyboard :

Mouse :
Sharkoon FireGlider Laser 3D Mouse

Microphone :

Microphone Pop filter :

Monitor 27 Inch :


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Jesse Locke says:

my polygons keep coming out messed up when i hit the sculpt button how do you make them come out even ?

Birat Kafle says:

thanks alot sir

Josue Magallanes says:

Hello I was trying to follow along but I could also not find the “sculpt” function under ‘deform’. I’ve actually spent a good 10 minutes looking and I found ‘sculpting tools’ under mesh tools but that does not give me the same results that you got in the video. Any help :/ ?

Guru Venkatesh says:

did you already set any value in the sculpt tool…?

eft 2424 says:


shafnas km says:

sir how I get original colour for imported obj??

sarcastian says:

I’m having a problem with texturing. Let’s say I’m about to make a texture. I right click>assign new material> lambert. Then I click on the yellow folder, but when I do it deselects my polygon primitive, I’m not sure if it’s supposed to do that or not. So then I choose my image from file, which in this case is a jpg. of a brick texture, but it doesn’t appear to apply to my lambert because it isn’t showing up on the object. The material is applied to the object, but the brick pattern isn’t there.

Paladar Delicioso says:


D.A. Visuals says:

How to make the Sculpt smoothing in Maya 2015? It wont work

Mohammad Abedy says:

When I scale the vertex it scales the whole smoothed cube :/

heat flux says:

maya or 3dsmax?
what is better for hard surface character modeling ?

Madison Filan says:

needs more fur

Darijo Živković says:

Good tutorial, as always. But it seems to me that sculpting is far more easier than modeling?!

shafnas km says:

sir I don’t get original colour for imported fbx too? ?

Manas Raut says:

Hey mike. I really loved your tutorial on modelling a tennis ball. But how can I texture it without using keyshot?

Jaspreet Maan says:

how did you do that mouse movements

Justin Nixon says:

I have watching your channel for a long time and thank you so much for your videos. I was wondering if you know how to much a 360 rail. I know to make it bend. I really need your help.

Mabel Burgos says:

Help me please, I don`t know where put the libraries that I`ve downloaded for keyshot

Guru Venkatesh says:

the problem is when a select the sculpt from deform the shape is not changing

Noel Militi Bachini says:

hello man. i have a problem when I intente export my ball for work in KeyShot, when I import the file the program tells me that I haven´t geometry 3d. Can you help me?

Mario Caputo says:

Hi, can you show you create a small project and add texture and occlusion and how to save textures? for maya 2017

silve Rain says:

In the Deform menu, i can’t find Sculpt. My Deform window is missing alot of commands. Any idea why this is happening?

Najmul Hasan says:

hi brother, please don’t mind. please… please… please…. make some character animation tutorial

pavle vivec says:

your list of video tutorials looks most impressive! I am very excited to start learning, thank you for uploading all this!

Lizzie Murphy says:

Any ideas on how to texture the tennis ball on Maya?

Clou.D Kim says:

Could you tell me what keys are used, such as Shift keys?(4:35)

D.A. Visuals says:

Anyway great channel and it is something that i will need, since i am now academically certified 3D artist in Maya (2015) however we can learn always new tricks.

This was some new way of creating this ball. Thank you! And please answer my comment below.

HikikomoriGamer says:

So what if one din’t want to use keyshot at all and keep it all within Maya, would a result like yours be still possible?

Guru Venkatesh says:

help me with this…Mike

gobxxx says:

My scaling system on maya 2016 doesnt work properly. When I click all the vertecies and try to scale only the sides, It scales the whole thing. Any Ideas on why?

Wingo .Beast says:

Thx for the tuts

BrandonDearlove says:

Just an opinion, but I think xGen fur would have looked better combined with Arnold. Also, in terms of photorealism, the seams should have a much smoother bevel transitioning into the fur of the ball as it is a very thin layer pasted on top of the fur and rubber.

Great tutorial, watched for the keyshot demo, it looks like a more robust version of marmoset toolbag.

arav jain says:

i want to know where are all the video related files

Bekir Demir says:

hi mark how are you

حمد مسعود says:

may be my English language is weak , shift and what is (period) please

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