Maya tutorial : Modeling a modern villa

Modeling a Modern Villa in Autodesk Maya

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In this basic tutorial I will show you how to get started on modeling a moden villa in Autodesk Maya

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Autodesk Maya 2016

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varun kishore says:

This is fantastic Mike! so fast and accurate. I remember working on Maya as a beginner it took me 5 hours to make door nob!

CHU VU says:

hey ! i use version maya 2017. But me not see option mia_material_x ? help me.

Affural says:

lol i also don’t have mental ray 🙁 i came unprepared for this video lol, how can i get mental ray?

Rachid ouljour says:

pleas mike keep creat and help us for learing , thank u so much

David Lee says:

how do you get the indirect lighting tab in maya 2016. Its not there for me

Jeevan hegde says:

Very nice video, easy to understand and simple made!

daisycakes4 says:

My colors did not turn out like your final project, at all… I kinda had to make them up on my own. The final render does not look as realistic as yours. Do you have the uploaded colors/skins you used? Or do you have any advice for the final color setting.

Denny Hikma Perdana says:

Hi, how to move the rotate pivot ? 09:27 , thanks man

Jikku Ben says:

Thanks for the video. I just installed maya 2017 student version and when i click on Polygon cube, I get a cube right infront of me. How are you getting a plane first which then can be easily manipulated? Would be a big help. Thanks.

Rajat Awasthi says:

sir i want to ask you how you are doing mirror selection like you did select one side and bottom of your door then you just click some command then up and another side of door automatically selected i wanna ask you which command or buttons you pressed.

Sai Wolf says:

Got a problem when going through the rendering settings, the tab ‘Indirect lighting’ does not appear for me in the mental ray settings. Please help.

sultan rajpoo says:

only one word owsom

DanimalLawlz says:

Hey Mike, is there a reason why I click the create polygon icon it just creates a premade cube in the centre of my grid rather than let me drag a custom one like yours? Thanks so much

Tweak 3D says:

Great tutorials, Mike. Keep up the great work!

arav jain says:

i am not able to select the vertex to increase the terrace size after grouping them into level1

Divyansh Gupta says:

It is a great tutorial. I appreciate this.
here is the result.

ajinkya naik says:

mike hermes, it would be better if you could speak a bit louder….

Thenujan Sandramohan says:

i dont have mia underscore x texture

Mousa Halaseh says:

when I applied the glass texture on the glasses the texture appears black rather than transparent, anyone knows how to fix this??

ahmed says:

thanks bro

Gabe Heinen says:

that is pretty cool…

Thenujan Sandramohan says:

Mike how did you got keyshot 6 bought it or cracked it

T Ant says:

Very wonderful work you do Mike.. Do you sell or make models to sell to for people for 3D virtual game play ?

Emmanuel Ssemuwemba says:

how do you create trees and grass then

Joe Vincent Zamora says:

is it possible to import sketchup files to maya?? I’m wondering if this maya is applicable in creating a walkthrough animation like lumion.

CloudStrife01992 says:

Hi Mike, please, can you help me? a small cube turns black and white. how can i fix this?

Affural says:

what key are you saying to use at 9:36 because i think your saying insert key? but idk what im pressing or going to

Augustinas Tumenas says:

Hello. When making polygon mesh I have encountered a problem. When the roof of the house is created the mesh form is slightly irregular and formed with not straight lines. I tries to uncheck the creative creation in the polygons creation tool but it’s still the same. This is very annoying when I try to fit all the parts together. Those parts are uneven and it’s hell of a job to straighten and align all the vertexes manually. Does somebody have a solution to this?

Moonlight Bay Studios says:

Many thanks for this! It was a big help 😀

Shahzaib Jamro says:

It would be better if we can see what you’re tapping onto i mean like which hotkey and etc

sultan rajpoo says:

cna you pleas guide rendering in maya ?

arav jain says:

hey mike!which material do you assign to the doors,I am not able to find it in my new materials?.

Young2Media says:

hi could you share your rendered image ? please??

Ravi Chandra says:

Sir there is a strange problem in maya 2016 ==
Object shows in outliner but not in view port! How to solve this plz help me! my id

Robo Knight says:

It’s not letting me extrude at around the one minute mark, please help me.

Lawrenzooo says:

what’s your intro song?

Barış Kabalak says:

Can you help me for modeling car?

arav jain says:

how did you moved the center pivot?

Tanvir hasan says:

Very nice sir…..learning many things from you

Ekansh Sharma says:

Can you do a human body modelling tutorial?

Mamta Goyal says:

I want you to model.a pikachu ( basically its a cartoon ). search images of it on google .

sultan rajpoo says:

sir can you pleas guide how to trace that kind of images in 3d

Affural says:

also i do not have mia_material! im also using maya 2016 :/ is it under another name?

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