Maya Tutorial Series: Episode 1- Interface Overview (2018)

This video will help viewers understand the proper names, locations, and functions of Maya’s entire interface! The goal of this Maya Tutorial Series is to teach audiences how to use Autodesk Maya to create incredible 3D models for both video games and films! More videos on this series will be uploaded soon so stay tuned for more! Let me know what you think of these videos so far in the comment section below! Thanks everyone! 😀
TIME CODE (Episode 1):

1) Menus- 2:00-2:23
2) Menu Sets- 2:23-3:00
3) Status Line- 3:00-4:08
4) User Account Menu- 4:08-4:32
5) Shelf- 4:32-5:34
6) Workspace Selector- 5:34-6:13
7) Sidebar Icons- 6:13-6:45
8) Channel Box/Layer Editor- 6:45-9:34
9) Panel Toolbar- 9:34-10:25
10) Tool Box- 10:25-11:30
11) Quick Layout Buttons- 11:30-11:38
12) View Panel- 11:38-14:41
13) Time Slider- 14:41-14:57
14) Playback Controls- 14:57-15:11
15) Playback Options- 15:11-16:02
16) Range Slider- 16:02-16:26
17) Animation/Character Menus- 16:26-16:43
18) Command Line- 16:43-17:04
19) Help Line- 17:04-17:54

Maya Tutorial Series: Episode 2- Basic Modeling (2018)-

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Panic! For Beebo says:

I know this is a little off topic, but what Highschool electives should I take to start creating video games?

rK ringtone/music zone says:

sir can you send me your playlist link so i can watch and learned maya.

Mikhail Konstantin says:

very nice .. am new in maya .. am professional in blender character design .. but am moving here to maya and will start with the animation too .. ya if you can make more tutorials please ? !

Mikhail Konstantin says:

how to model a tank ? how to model character ? and if you can explain how to use and where to bring the tools while you are teaching ? !

kittendruid says:

I find this really helpful since i have a class next semester thats all about creating video games and programming them as well as 3d modeling 😀

Arsenal glxy says:

i love this i wanna do character creation for a job later in my life and this is the most helpfull of all thank you! (soory for bad englaish

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