Maya Tutorial: Tips & Tricks for Beginners

In this tutorial I show 10 tips and tricks for beginners to Maya. This is a very basic tutorial focused on keyboard shortcuts for Maya:

* [00:06] Frame objects (F or A key)
* [00:25] Views (Space)
* [00:53] Wireframe (4) and shaded (5), shased with lights (7)
* [01:22] Switching Select, Move, Rotate and Scale tool
* [01:44] Pivot-Point: Insert key, D-Key
* [02:25] Duplicate objects (Ctrl + D), Shift+Ctrl+D Duplicate Special
* [03:00] Manipulator (Gizmo) Size
* [03:15] Marquee selection and wireframe
* [03:15] +, – Numpad to scale gizmo
* [03:35] Soft selection (B key)
* [04:11] Hide objects: Ctrl + H, Shift + H, Ctrl + Shift + H, Outliner

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YrocFrick says:

F key… no one showed me that for months back in school.

HigashiBashi says:

Good video. I was actually thinking recently to try and pick up Maya as it still seems a lot of jobs require knowledge of it. Except the monthly free is so high it’s a deal breaker. Even if just to learn it and not use for any commercial work (that’s what Blender is for) then I wonder if there’s a way to learn Maya non commercially.

Master game pro says:

Nice video

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