Modeling Pikachu in Maya (Part 1 of 3)

Modeling Pikachu in Maya (Part 1 of 3)
How I modeled Pikachu using Autodesk Maya
The Pikachu Model available here

Reference Images can be downloaded from –
This model took approx 4hrs 48 mins – some editing parts of the video have been sped up 🙂


Fami Alias says:

Please help me…..
How to download Autodesk Maya????

Harlis Melisa says:

Ooooh yes, my Modeling & Animation teacher shall be thoroughly impressed when he learns I can model a Pikachu in Maya XDD A+ grades here I come!

mlevvv says:

Those reference images are no longer available. Would you be able to post them again please?

TheCrowMistery says:

Cant download the reference files anymore from that Link, where could i get them? I searched google but cant find a profile one

Mr. Prajapati says:

Reference images not fund bro

JoeConnoOldAccount says:

My god though 3 years for this pikachu I am amazed

BreakOrBurst says:

Thx dude u rock. Can u show how to make Sonic or Kirby?

Gaurav Raj Ghimire says:

please add audio also desribing the steps

CUSACK Studios says:

dude wow just wow would u do 3d models for a pokemon short film im making

Psionicorn says:

Sweet and short video! I like it. I can always follow tutorials pretty well but when it comes to modeling from scratch without any instructions my skills go out the window immediately. lol Know of any sources that could help me breakdown projects?

Yui Dam says:


Shamant Bagrecha says:

You’re not supposed to model a smooth mesh, whats wrong with you??

Joaquim Girbau Xalabarder says:

Hello, thanks for the tutorial! i have a beginer question: why, when i select the vertexs (or faces or edges) in my front view (or top), the maya doesn’t select the other face behind the selected face? (do you understand my question?) maya doesnt pick the paralel face or vertex behind the vertex selected.
(sorry for the gramatical mistakes, I have to improve my english …)
Thank you!

Doaa Bhaisi says:

please add reference images again

Slash says:

where can i get the reference files ?

e elhams says:

can I have a copy of your image plane pls ?.. 😉

Carla N. says:

How’s the setting for Mirror Geometry? It’s not duplicating in the right place.
I selected “-X”.  Would be different if I use duplicate special?

OnGame says:

wath program are you yousing there?

Casty59 AJ says:

Model My Character in Maya

Her Name Is Maia (Just like my name in Real Life)

She is a Mythical Winged, firebreathing Cat with many powers such as controlling water, being immune to lava, and having Poisonous teeth etc, her poison is only bad to her enemies, not the people that like her

Melvan Chan says:

Time to get that epic victory ROYALE

Connor Toman says:

I saw that you kept mirroring the model, editing one half, and then deleting the other half, and mirroring it again. Is there no dynamic mirror in Maya?

Andrew .M says:

Great tutorial, but why is it, that when I smooth the box I have more polygons than you do?

VFX Ltd™ says:

Man, how do you always have to right click so fast and then click on something i cant eve see? lol. And how come my polygon sides are so jaggex, not rounded? 

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