Water well 3d modeling tutorial in Autodesk maya

Water well 3d modeling tutorial in maya, I think it’s can be help for beginners 3d modeler and 3d games designer.

Software: Autodesk Maya 2014
Modeling Type: Polygon Modeling

1.Cartoon House 3d modeling tutorial in Autodesk maya

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Tawny Trash says:

this is an awesome tutorial! it would help if you talked people through what you were doing though, but other than that seriously handy for a game design student like me!

Phelix Hanney says:

great job! Thanks for sharing this.

Techie Khushi says:

nice tutorial

Faei Faei says:

Thank you for the video its great, perfectly paced and easy to follow.

RITZ's Brother eldridge says:

my maya’s lines are very jaggedy, quite annoying :/

Рома Кадинский says:

Nice 😉
But why don’t u using a displacement?

VRVideo says:

2:13 How to do this ??

Yousif Ahmad says:

lovely I watched all

chloe kim says:

too fast and please add some follow voice… but really good excerise for bigneer

win rin says:

Nice video thank you for sharing. How did you did you make the rotating thing came out to make the bucket in 28:23?

Alan Greyjoy says:

im shocked at how much faster this is in CAD software… like Rhino or Inventor…. like…. a millionbazillion times faster 😛

Arkatam says:

Digital Tutors school! haha

Íris Bernardelli de Mattos says:

Thank you! It helped me a lot!! 😀

parth rakhe says:

Please explain what did you do at 3:08 after inserting the edge loop tool how did the edges apply to all of the blocks . thank you

Ross Harrop says:

anyone here looking for a quicker way to duplicate the same object around the origin (like at the beginning of this video), look at -Edit– Duplicate Special. This is the quicker and easier way of doing it, by putting in how many duplicates you want and the rotation degrees in the axis you want. And to get the correct degrees divide the amount duplicate by 360.

rajesh ramachandran says:

How you grow up the edge looping lines? (video time: 3:08)

GeimhcS LeinaD says:

for a tutorial a bit to fast 🙂

AnythingFX says:

Awesome tut! Keep it up bro!

abir nipu says:

maya have more easier ways and u could apply the ways for the brick modeling. by the way great job bro.

Amin Graphic Designer says:

kindly upload tutorial about how to make a soft cake and set uv texture realistic soft cake texture.

sarhang shahab says:

tutorial? they must write hotkeys .plz

chirayu sharma says:

How long you have take to make just a well I can make it in 15 min man you need to learn more

Obiajulu Mbanefo says:


Ajaya saru Magar says:

what is softwere nam ? where is this softwere?

Hà Nguyễn says:

4:02 – 4:06 How to do this ??

Krennel's Klubhouse says:

Good video. It took some pausing and rewinding to see what you were doing but i managed to make a well similar to yours.

Highlander Villarreal says:


Godzillion Game-Design says:

i like the concept and the result, but is it possible to make it more low poly so i can use it in game design?

OCDTraci says:

Way too fast to follow. Definitely not a beginner’s tutorial…a shame,
bc this really is a nicely done watering well that I really wanted to
try building :/

Alexs321432 says:

Could used texture maps to create alot of those surfaces alot faster… Looks good

Tony Gomez says:

vas hecho un pedo, muy rapido demasiado

Keralee Bloodrose says:

I have several comments about the tutorial, first,  this tutorial is good, but unless we know why your doing what your doing its not a tutorial.. its just a quick video. Second,  the music is nice  but its  very distracting to the video.

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