ZBrush to Arnold for Maya – 32 Bit Displacement UDIM Tutorial

In this ZBrush to Arnold tutorial, we cover the entire workflow of working with displacement maps from ZBrush to Arnold. We use the Multi Map Exporter plugin in ZBrush to generate our maps, which we then bring into Arnold for Maya 2018. The tutorial is showing you how to work with UDIMs and how to get an accurate result in the end.

We use the FlippedNormals Lighting Scenes 2.0 to light and render the character:

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Alec Parkin says:

Nice, never knew that abut the bounds padding, seems odd they don’t default around to -0.5 since most disp exports are mid at 0.5… Cheers!

Yanhong Li says:

Very detailed tutorial. I confused how to bake map in Zbrush and use it in Anorld. This tutorial helps me a lot. Thanks

LadyGrace2 says:

Enjoying you videos so much and provide clear and important information.

Greg Coffe says:

Which version of the arnold do you use in maya 2018? v5.0? For me it works only if displacement mid value in zbrush is set to 0, if you leave for 0.5 the model in the arnold puffs up. and btw Switch MT works fine:) cheers!

cosmicfandango says:

Top-level pro tutorial, this is just great, thank you.

Douk_a says:

great video as always, i wish i can sub and like more than once!!

GameDevKatana says:

you guys never fail! THANKS!!

tokyomegaplex says:

awesome. im gonna just refer to this video next time i need to do this. any chance you can make a quick writeup of the steps on your website or something? would be easier than we watching through the video each time

David Eschrich says:

You guys are making some great videos, keep up the good work. I understand why you are using .5 as the mid but I think it’s worth mentioning for others watching that for 32bit the vfx industry standard has been mid of 0 even going back to Mental Ray. Vray, Arnold, Mantra, are defaulted to a 0 mid value and I believe Renderman is too. You mentioned most software and render engines are made for mid of 1 at around the 10 min mark.Not sure if that was in error. I haven’t used redshift or octane so I cannot speak to them but the other engines I already mentioned are not set for 1 in most pipelines but 0. It’s worth noting that the down side to using .5 is you need to have these added adjustments to make displacement work when out of the box mid of 0 for 32 bit maps gives you the correct results. When you have many artists making manual adjustments there is room for error. If you do need to see what your’e doing and working with a 32bit displacement map with mid at 0 you can still grade the maps or adjust the viewer in nuke or do the same with the maps applied in mari for better visibility. (I’ve had many artists come in and not knowing how the maps are even working nor that by keeping the mid at 0 like the standard a value of 1 displaces one world unit outward along the normal and value of -1 inward along the normal) Sorry its like PTSD for me. I’ve had too many artists not fully aware of how these maps work nor know what colorspace they are in.

Javier Sanchez says:

This is exactly what I need this moment, great job guys!

Bobby Zheng says:

Are displacement maps better for creatures than normal maps? I usually just plug in the normal map into the bump map node in arnold.

Pixel Vagabond says:

Oh baby keep em coming I love these. They’ve helped me so much!

Daniel Garcia says:

great tutorial, I also use this alternate method, 100% perfect results every time, maybe you guys have seen it. https://www.cggallery.com/tutorials/displacement/

Adrien Genilier says:

Excellent vid as usual ! Can you guys make the same, but for renderman ? (if you use it)

IGarrettI says:

what’s the map resolution you usually use? I often go for 4k, but i see a lot of peoploe got as high as 2k. Should I stick to 2k? Is there a bake speed difference vs quality?

Callum Macleod says:

I think you can add all the objects in the UDIM’s to a set, and then you can add an override to the set under the Arnold menu Item. The Attributes you would need to add are (without the quotes):

This would make it easier to keep all the settings the same.

Sergey Ivanov says:

Thank you guys!

Helium Kitty says:

amazing video guys! thanks so much!

TheYongtrill says:

Great great Great

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