Advanced Excel – 3D Formulas – Advanced Excel Tutorial

Learn how to create a 3D formula in Excel, a formula that pulls data from the same cell in more than one spreadsheet. It can be a little tricky, but after watching this video you’ll understand how to do it. Also mentioned in the video is AMAZING music such as the following:
Classic Synthpop and New Wave:
Depeche Mode – Violator:
Alphaville – Forever Young:
OMD – Messages: The Best of OMD:

New Music by Classic Synthpop Bands:
A-ha – Foot of the Mountain:
Alphaville – Catching Rays on Giant:

Underground Modern Synthpop:
Code 64 – Departure:
Echo Image – Compuphonic:


Patricia McKeon says:

thanks very much, I’ve just watched all 3 of your tutorials and I find them easy to follow, you explain at a good pace and easy to understand. And I’ll give your music a listen to as well 🙂

Robin McCormick says:

An excellent tutorial!! This was a great review, which allows me to master Excel Functions. Thank you.

George Stocker says:

if the 2 bits of data are not in the same cells you can still use them you just have to write worksheet number!(cell reference). e.g. =sum(I2+sheet2!I2) then you can reference any cell

Omar Muhammad says:

Ur videos are simply amazing..Thak you so very much..

Gael says:

Thank you !

Thomas Yang says:

I would like to get a video. how should to contact you?
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for critical item/date.

Akku Asgar says:

Thank u for the video to easy to understand such a easy ways I think u can show the more videos

Kay Gee says:

Great instructor!

Jennifer Persons says:

Thank you! Your videos are very easy to follow and great voice.

TillowPalk says:

god bless you good sir lol

buddahstar8 says:

How do u make a drop down list in a cell, where u can only select yes or no etc.

Camy Beuchert says:

good tutorials AND good taste in music?!!! too good to be true!

Jan Denofra says:

thank you it such a big help! the explanation is thorough and concise it is easy to understand|!

Tafari I says:

Thank you. Short, sweet and spicy 🙂

Thomas Yang says:

my email address is

key key says:

this is so helpful, thanks. i really need this because I keep getting passed over, at work

Μιχάλης Κυδωνάκης says:

Thank you so much. Very good videos, perfect explaining. You are a very good teacher.

James Hehir says:


Josue R says:

why did it call it sheet 5? how can you correct it to make it sheet 3?

Fabiana Esteves says:

Thank you for the useful video!

Bradley Beckham says:


Kim Palma says:

Great Teacher!

Gary says:

man you have a beautiful voice 🙂
jokes aside, do you think you’ll be able to do a video on making macros in the future?!

RVS BEST says:

I dont have excel should I pay the software or I can download, I already have a spreadsheet but its different?

Victoria W says:

Would love to see XLstat add in videos for the future

Grace M says:

Clear and helpful! Thank you!

SappSTAR K says:

thank you

Lenny Scinto says:

I learned a lot. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to more videos from you.

koumwa jean says:

Excellent tutorial. Thank you!

LV says:

Best excel series I’ve found by far. Fantastic instructor and easy to retain.
Btw…can’t believe anyone would actually comment on the values you put in for the movies on a hypothetical teaching tool. Good grief… get a life people!

Roman Hudgins says:

OMD is fucking great, Enola Gay and Electricity are bangers

Alfa Tiger says:

You are a great valuable teacher. This is just awesome. Thank you so much.

majilyric says:

Thank you of this video and the previous two in this series. I’m really enjoying this. I’ll look it up myself, but please describe the syntax that is used here in the formula in the video description. I can’t make it out even when I zoom in on a big screen. Thank you for the videos. I am already adding this stuff to my resume, lol.

Lashlie O23 says:

3D Formulas Same Cell but Different Sheet can Sum ! Thank you SO MUCH !

Niloofar Ojani says:

Thank you your videos are really helpful for a newbie<3 😀

Janet Omido says:

GREAT teacher! You are so easy to follow! You have made my life so easy. Thank you sir. God Bless You so you can continue empowering minds.

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