Advanced Excel – Flash Fill Tutorial 2018

Learn how to use the Flash Fill tool in Excel to quickly fill in data based upon a pattern you’ve established. Flash Fill can be a great time saver and is pretty fun to use. #exceltutorial #edtech

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Al Mamun says:


AmazingLife says:

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MD fazar says:

Thanks sir so much

Karen K says:

Sorry but I didnt found the flash fill option on excel 2007 🙁

BrianWilliamsonOFY says:

I’d kind of given up on Excel in favor of Google Sheets, but that’s a pretty cool feature!

byroju ravi says:

excellent tutorial

Shannon Breaux says:

I have a unique situation. I want to open a report that has a list of routes they are all time stamped is there away to get excel to filter through all the times, just extract start time/ end time. Any elapse time over 30 min? This possible? You can email please

Si Fi says:

Wooow thats realy helpfull. Thank you

Kishan Jayashanker says:

Great tutorial 🙂

teh bear says:

Great video! Informative and well done.

optizap says:

Maybe if you clear format and remove the old flash fill on the column , you can do flash fill again based on a column with changed data.

Kirsten Williams says:

You’re amazing! Im starting a new job and your tutorials are so easy and simple to understand! Thank you

Kata Hegyesi says:

Thomson became Shomson

Shelvan Muthu says:

Thankyou for sharing the idea…..


very nice

Brian Ducharme says:

Nice tutorial – very useful!

Jacob Barry says:

My data tab isnt showing flash fill buitton

julio cesar salvador says:

It´s pretty good, dude.
Go ahead.

Nouji Abu says:

I cant see flash fill option in data tools groups…

osm bablu says:

But most companies working on old excel data even difficult for us to use this option.we use Open excel .if u pls make video on open excel

febin jose says:

Great one Thank You

minxymissy1 says:

Technology for Teachers and Students
Gggrrrr…Excel 2016 for Mac doesn’t have this feature as far as I’m aware! Or do you know another way around this excellent device?
Thank you so so very much for ALL of your tutorials, you are awesome!!!!

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