Advanced Excel – VLOOKUP Basics 2017 Tutorial

In this advanced Excel tutorial you’ll learn how to get started using the VLOOKUP function in Excel. VLOOKUP can help you pull specific information from a spreadsheet based upon a piece of information that you know, for example a part number, title, name, etc. The video mentions a great book called A Wrinkle in Time, and if you’re interested in learning more about it, click the link below:

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Magic Madrigal says:

you have great taste lol

Kendra Gildea says:

This is, by far, one of the best VLOOKUP tutorials. Thank you! Here is my dilemma: I have a project where each worksheet has a set of zip codes. I want to the option to search for a zip code and display the worksheet(s) title where this zip code may be listed. Is this possible?

Dillon Macgregor says:

Straight to the point these vids are great!

Muthuram Muthaiah says:

Please advice how to Handle Duplication in Lookup

Ruth Olmsted says:

Suppose I did have a worksheet with 1000 rows. Should I leave them as one sheet or break it into several?

James 007 says:

Combined vlookup with drop down list from data validation… its much better

StickyIky says:

Excellent vid, probs one of the best I have seen so far.
I have a question: what if i wanted to find out the number of movies which are PG? What is the vlookup command for this please? I cant seem to get my head around this.

Whicker493 says:

If I want to have a spreadsheet with a bunch of genres associated with each series, how would I go making it look nice and being able to find series specified to genres a, b, and c? So if I’m in the mood to read something with action and comedy, how would I go about that?

Tracy JC Whiting says:

Found your teaching methods to be very clear – thank you – I hope to practise this more, as I used to many years ago…need to re-learn as going for a new job soon and need to regain my knowledge…thank you again

raedwulf61 says:

Excellent. Thank you.

Denim & Curls says:

Best tutorial! Im re-entering the fashion world and this was an amazing refresher! Thank you!

krispy katz says:

Best tutorial so far!! The tips on the last part really helps to clarify some questions. I would appreciate if you’ll give tips everytime before you end your videos. Thanks!!!!!

La beautiful says:

Awesome tutorial best one’s I’ve seen!! Keep posting
Do some Microsoft Word documents. Can you teach how to copy data from for Example; Microsoft Dynamics or any System used for company data?

Pitchy Maew says:

Thank you 😉

Olenkie Tebogo says:

I loved everything. Its so easy to follow and understand. Thank you.

Milos says:

Can’t get this to work. I get “there is a problem with this formula” after I press enter.

EDIT: Solved. I had to use ; instead of ,

Komil Shukurov says:

I love your videos but could you please number them, so that it would be easier to understand which one to watch first? Thanks for taking your time and doing these videos, they are extremely helpful!

Moey Ismail Osman says:

You put so much effort and showcase a lot of patience. Thank You

Faruk Shaikh says:

Excellent, very easy and simple to understand. Very helpful

axn441 says:

What if you had more than one of the same film title? I’m trying to do this with supplier names but most of them have multiple invoices.

Joe McEnaney says:

Thanks again

Nohemi Flores says:

you make this easy to learn, thank you

Jayson Ignacio says:

What if I did not remember the full name of the movie lets say i just typed in “Sherlock” instead of “Young Sherlock Holmes” will it generate the data or it will be an error? Thank you so much

Ravi Fernando says:

Thank you very much, very helpful. your explain is very good. easy to understand.

Bea says:


Rashid Imam says:

Hi, sir
i have a question regarding hyperlink. i am working on an excel workbook which containing 2 work sheet. (1) sheet 1 (2) sheet 2
sheet 1 : Column A (Item no.) & Column B(Price.) ( number of rows 100)
sheet 2 : Using vlookup with vlookup value (Item no.) and col.index number 2 (Price)
In sheet 1 and in columnB (Price) there is Hyperlink(details of VAT from another workbook)
i want to bring the hyperlink also (which is in price column) with vlookup result in sheet 2.
sir plz help me solve this problem.

Carrie Good says:

great tutorial!! Thanks so much!

Parth Dudeja says:

Wow… you are the best teacher I have ever come across

Sonja Mattos says:

Thank you for all your help.

Heather Garcia says:

I am really enjoying watching these videos. They are great refreshers for me and they help me understand things more clearer that I was having a hard time with.

Stefan Duffy says:

Thanks for the explanation

Markeshea Porter says:

Thanks!!! Can I copy of this spreadsheet to follow your tutorials?

Jeff Tod says:

This would be more useful with your movie database, but thanks for your efforts, well done.

melanica evale says:

Hi Sir, I would like to ask If I can use Vlookup to find all the info If I just type the title of the movie? I mean not just the rating of the movie. Thanks for this video it’s very helpful. Thank you so much.

Fr1sen0 says:

Thank you sir. 😉

Supa Frost TV says:

You rock!! This was such an easy tutorial to follow!!

Kirsten Williams says:

so extremely helpful

c king says:

Thank you so much for your tutorials. You have an excellent voice for doing this. CK, Toronto, Canada.

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