Excel 2010 Tutorial For Beginners #1 – Overview (Microsoft Excel)

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In this updated tutorial for Excel 2010 users learn how to create a simple spreadsheet in Excel 2010 (also applies to Excel 2007 & Excel 2013), complete with formatting, calculations and a chart.

More tutorials to follow that will go into more detail on how to use the different features of Microsoft Excel 2010.


DarkShadows says:


Information Technology says:

Great Work


Thanks Bro.

nkhetheleng masoetsa says:

this is my second video today thank you so much for posting such a useful and easily understandable video

Zacharia Maredi says:

thank u so much ma man ur a GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

Cindy Beck says:

This helped so much! Thank you.

rare flower says:

Thanks a million. Learned a lot in 9:59 minutes.

TeachToEach says:

Awesome Video…

Arif Lukman says:

thank you…so much helping me out…terima kasih banyak ^^

iluvart 05 says:

Very clear and to the point.Just how I like it :D:D

renan abano says:

tnx bro. the way you do it is very easy to follow. not to fast not to slow..

Hasan Capun says:

Great tutorial very very helpful one of the best i have watched so far
thank you so much

BODO Footwear says:

I’ve actually got a job interview, part of the job criteria is fluency in excel, This is really helpful



Essiew Corte says:

Guys need office key can go link:# https://plus.google.com/u/0/1121095916097845032029 to got,my key got here and after i used my windows works properly.

sandisiwe ntshinga says:

Thank you sooooooooooooo much. This was really helpful!

I Turn says:

well explained…

zmoullan86 says:

A 5 stars ✨ tutorial. Thank you very much.

sureshsandwich79 says:

thanks u made excel very simple

FuriousWizard0 says:

algo si es cierto tu ingles es PESIMO

Kerri Smith says:

THIS WORKS. I’ve spent most of my day trying to created an excel bar chart, most of that wading through ‘how to’s’. This is the ONLY tutorial that works to get X and Y axes data accurate. Thank you Motion Training!

naw kevv says:

Thank you this is the best tutorial, simple and easy to understand.

anmol aiwale says:


sai kiran says:

the tutorial was super

Jealous Lawn Care says:

Nice accent, sounds like a computer. heh

Tyler Clark says:

longest 10 mins of my life

Yomnă 유나 says:

can’t thank you enough Tbh! I wanted it to give it a try online before going to any educational Centre. thank you so much ❤

Alma MUY says:

your the best instructor ever….love it very clear…its totally excellent….thanks a lot 🙂


que exelente videoooooooooooooooooooooooo

Clive Carter says:

have walked for years n now have found at last my sensei


hola pablo

Abhilash Saha says:

Which screen recorder do you use?

Swati Malik says:

Thank you for such an informative tutorial. It was really very helpful. 🙂

Ichan Sims says:

thank you very much

FuriousWizard0 says:

gracias por el video sirve para hacer cuentas importantes gracias

hassan elbadri says:

this just amazing work.

Osporshi Nishi says:

wow !that i can understand easily …thank you

Babie Faith says:

but I like your study classes


que porqueria de video es un azco

Jorge Alvarez says:

Every doubt and every question I have had in the past has now been answered. Thank you!! So much help for my interview…tomorrow hahaha cheers!! 🙂

Pehlaj Bora says:

just amazing
u finishd alll my problem with this video thank you sir!

David L says:

When you wanted to select all the data to put a grid around them, could you explain in detail for this 74 year old exactly how you do that: where you put your cursor, and what key do you hold down. Thank you, David

Jennie Pinheiro says:

Great tutorial.. thanks

jemimah saru says:

this tutorial was helpful,thank you

Jourdan Johnson says:

Thanks, I have an interview tomorrow midday for a discrepancy analyst position and didn’t feel like i knew enough about excel.

Pei Ven says:

Microsoft excel is a pain in the ass !

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