Excel 2010 Tutorial For Beginners #11 – Charts Pt.2 Pie Chart (Microsoft Excel)

This tutorial shows you how to create a pie chart in Microsoft Excel 2010, including change chart location and apply a range of formatting options. This tutorial also applies to Excel 2007 and Excel 2013. More tutorials to follow.
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suraj bhandage says:

I have followed all your videos and everything has worked perfect so far ……..But……………..
The” Offset Diagonal bottom left ” option is not working in my excell 2007……

I’m stuck…..Please help……………

Jaye Vanture says:

This is an excellent tutorial.

Samriddhi G. says:

The chart looks so so so much better than the one before it was formatted. Thank you for the video

Pallabi Das says:

you are doing a great job….that’s help me alot…..thank you….

Tricia Chifunda says:

thanks so much am new to all this but i was able to get you loud and clear.

UnknownBones says:

I see that 2010 has more like colors and more chart types than 2013 …. why? 
and if its the same why cant I find them

Vidya Shukla says:


Rohan stainn says:

When I click pie chart, it’s not coming up. all the other charts are coming up except for the pie chat please help.

Amran younis says:

Hi Love your tutorial, can you do one on how to calculate your wages on Excel

Raaghav G.R. says:

Most informative video on Excel I have seen so far! Keep it up!

Zainab Barry says:

I keep trying to make a pie chart but it doesn’t show the detail of the chart i keep trying but it doesn’t work for me. I’d be glad if you help me get through it because I’ve trying to do it.

Saad Mohammad says:

Thank You so much for the tutorial. I got to learn many things from this video. Thank You ” MOTION TRAINING” 🙂

MrMully48 says:

Great vids, but i have 1 little problem, i can do everything until i get to the point where you go to the Form data labels and choose shadow and then choose offset diagonal left, for some reason it wont happen, what am i doing wrong thanks

GTRxMistyy says:

Thank you! 

mysoreroyal Roopa says:

Thank you for helping

Anne Maloney says:

Thanks.  That was really helpful.

Abdullah Arefin says:

very helpful for me. Thank you…….

Samuel Webb says:

Is this video recorded with a toaster?

Daniel Johnson says:

You are awesome. You literally helped in all of my SBA

steel65712 says:

Are these complete lessons or do you have more comprehensive tutorials elsewhere?

Track222 Publishing says:

I picked the right videos to watch! Thank You!!

Swapnil Ilkar says:


negui46togui says:

my God I can watch your videos and learned for hours, this is like a drug you are a great teacher sir ; I don’t know you but I love you, thank you and God bless you

CMoore says:

Great tutorials!! Thanks Motion Training.

Sam Finlayson says:

I was all ears until you started entering formulae into it… Maybe I need to go back a few steps… like, to the start! Only wanted to make the data in a massive table I have make sense visually as a percentage of completion by a date figure…

Maaz K says:

Thank you for helping

R Pulapaka says:

Thank you for a nice presentation. Excel 2013 shows only 12 chart styles for Pie.
Were there more in 2010?

Guillaume Strohecker says:

Very nice series, Even with libreoffice. thanks

Ian Carrie says:

This was brilliant and helped get my wife through her first post Excel 2003 pie chart.  Thanks a lot

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