Excel 2010 Tutorial For Beginners #3 – Calculation Basics & Formulas (Microsoft Excel)

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This Excel 2010 tutorial, for beginners, covers the creation of basic calculations and a few tips on getting Excel to create calculations automatically.

More tutorials to follow.


Alma MUY says:

you’re the best ever….

Lorinda Youness says:

Thank you so much! My classes keep getting cancelled and we have to keep doing it by the power point, and without actually seeing it and hearing what you should be doing, it’s just not registering with me

amx1 says:

Great videos and instruction. With office 2016 out now I wasn’t sure if I could find something for 2010 which a lot of companies and myself are still using. I was rusty on my skills having been out of the work force for a while, so this has helped immensely. Thanks.

Boris Pompee says:

You’re a great teacher and you’re crystal clear. Thank you so much !!!

place pages says:

Excellent video. Thanks

Keisha Jack says:

So simple and easy to understand. Thanks

Shafeeq Ahmad says:

very good Sir like your method thank you

Janki Agravat says:

please give me idea in create VBA project in excel

LoChAn .M says:


Louisa Colucci says:

Excellent very simple to follow thank you!Lu

Everything in one says:

I am learning watching your video tq sooooo much

GamingWithAK47 says:


I Turn says:

Few basic flaws.. but overall good for beginners….

abajong kingsley says:

You are an amazing teacher….Your teaching is very clear and simple

ayl33 says:

Thank you sir. I watched the Microsoft tutorials work provided through company $ and I’ve found these far more useful. Thank you.

Deut3327 says:

These videos are so good! Thank You! Very simple and easy to understand.

Victoria Jones says:

Fantastic! Thank you

Neetu Jatav says:

thanks, mujhe ek chiz sikhni hai ki jb fee detail ki index kaise banaye h. plzzz ye btao

krishna singh says:

thank you sir

Elinor Frederick says:

*Guys who need office 2016 product key can google “vanskeys” to get one, 100% working.*

R Smaczny says:

Thank you very much for this. It is so important to know these for work. Bless you sir.

Serzh Serzh says:

Thank you very much!

Vrajlal Patel says:

Convert to 1,2 to 3
4,6 to 6 convert
7,8 to 9 in convert
How to convert 10,11 to 12?

Blake and Zoe’s Adventure says:

How do you do the boxes separately?

Travis Kogutkiewicz says:

I Know this Junk

Maruti Sandys says:

Awesome demonstration.indeed u hv wat it takes

Mike Henderson says:

Very good thank you so much. Very easy to understand. Once again thank you

Lisa Oppa says:

Thank you I really need it in school because I don’t what know our teacher says cuz I’m studying in Italy. He’s keeping an eye on me everytime I don’t do anything (can’t blame me I DON’T UNDERSTAND HIM) hate that teacher. Btw he’s a guy. In Philippines I hate a girl teacher. Well opposites here. Thank u, you really helped me

umer abbasi says:

good job done by teacher excellent sir please carry on and loaded more lesson

Adiba Mim says:

If I have to convert Inches to Square Meter, like here is the size written 12*24 and so that i will use equal, select the cell (size) then division 144 enter, there will be the answer..
And I’m facing problems like right after i press enter it’s showing error.. Please I need your help..

Richard Moore says:

help me

Ahmad Ali says:

50/10= 7.5???

Samriddhi G. says:

The calculation is in so much detail yet so simple and clear. Thank you.

Denver LC says:

Thank you teacher.. God bless you and your family more and more for sharing your knowledge to the world for free..

Jorg Pagador says:

thank you sir

Raj Kishore Sahu says:

thank u

Ichan Sims says:

Thank you 🙂

negui46togui says:

The best teacher ever!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you



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