Excel 2013 Tutorial: A Comprehensive Guide to Excel for Anyone

An easy to follow tutorial outlining everything you need to know on Excel to gain the skills to enhance your resume. Designed for the absolute beginner. Learn Excel in just a couple hours: Concepts based. Easy to understand. For more info. visit http://learn.kaceli.com. Thanks for watching.

Data File if you would like to follow the video hands-on is available from: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3-9HUBAvpxnVm9GVDBjSVVPcGc/view?usp=sharing. Make sure you choose to download it first and not use it within Google Drive.

If you are interested in taking the full Excel course on Udemy or want to support this work, you can save up to 50% with the code: salikaceli or from here: https://www.udemy.com/excel2013in2hours/?couponCode=salikaceli

This video covers the following topics along with the timeline:
0:5 Learn how to get started with Excel 2013 and get the big picture first.
7:06 Learn about Basic Calculations: SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN in Excel 2013
24:50 Learn how to use Arithmetic Calculations: Subtraction, Multiplication, Division Excel 2013
31:30 Learn about the Relative, Absolute and Mixed Cell References and how to practically apply them in Excel 2013.
41:32 Learn how to use Conditional Formatting and Data Analysis in Excel 2013.
45:00 Learn how to sort and filter data in Excel 2013.
50:45 Learn how to create and modify charts
59:00 Learn how to post values using formulas in Cross-Sheet Calculations in Excel 2013.
1:05:15 Learn how to calculate percentages in Excel 2013
1:09:44 Learn how to use the IF statement in a Formula
1:15:55 Learn about financial formulas such as PMT, IPMT, PPMT functions in Financial Calculations
1:26:20 Learn how to use Named References
1:31:15 Learn how to do Data Validation Using Drop-Down Lists
1:34:30 Learn how to use Pivot Tables
1:40:12 Learn how to set and clear the print are in Excel 2013.
1:44:20 Linking Excel Data with Word
1:49:00 Learn how to import and export data in Excel Importing and Exporting Data in .csv files
1:53:00 Learn how to save a spreadsheet in PDF Format

Learn Excel Full Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBy7BZs-zx0
Word 2013 Tutorial is available from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCEfzjTRObA
Excel 2007 Full tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbAfTCN2qwg
Excel 2013 tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mNwJkUYS9A

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Nany Negatu says:

so detail and helpful. Thank you

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Victoria Rozenfeld says:

Thank you Mr. Kaceli, it is a brilliant tutorials. Very educational, up to the point, professional. Big Thanks:)

Mazin Ali says:

thanks for the Great effort

Jauntle says:

This by far is the best video regarding Excel!!!!! Thank you so much!

Mamidi Murali Mohan says:

sound and picture note clear

Aymane Korabica says:

Thanks that was very helpful .. appreciated 🙂

LynnGryphon says:

This was extraordinarily useful. Thank you.

Rita CEBAN says:

Thank you!!!

Pam Fulton says:

Excellent video with detailed, easy to understand explanations. 

Thank you so very much Mr. Sali Kaceli for sharing your time and expertise.

imacraftaddict says:

This is an excellent tutorial and you are a great teacher!!! Thank you so much!

M. Tahir Iqbal Malik says:

These tutorials are simply “Awesome” …. thanks for this Mr. Sali Kaceli … plz keep it up and going in the future too … 🙂 (y)

Tristan Murano says:

My mom is using this tutorial and has already used the Microsoft Word 2013 She says you are phenomenal! She tried so many tutorials on here and could not afford school and after 14 she is going back to the office and you have been so helpful… she says God Bless you Sali!!!

syful islam says:


geetha reddy says:

Thank you so much.I m starting a new job a I had to have the skills on working with excel, word and access. Thank you for your tutorials. They are  so clear and easy to understand. They help me in my career.

X-Twenty Four says:

Thank you Sir (y)

Jul Ave says:

Help!! I ceated an excel file and i transfered it into onedrive.
Now the format of this file is much smaller than it was on excel.
How do I zoom in/out the format using onedrive??? thx a lot

SID khan says:

you are the geniues

Waqas Rafaqat says:

amazing tutorial… Really helpful it was for me 🙂 (Y)

Charles Kahiro says:

Excellent presentation!

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QY LEE says:

nice work, i have been using excel for many years, unfortunately, i just got some basic use.

Jackimaru says:

How do you format it such that when you select the calculation, both colour of the cells are different to show the cells involved in the calculation?

Rohit Pal says:

great video

Amanda Heywood says:

Good video, but there’s some examples you give that you are doing on the workbook off the recording of the video… it’s hard to see the examples when they’re not within the confines of the recording, please just be careful of that.

Cross Stitch Bitch says:

Thank you so much for this video!!

Monirul Bhuiyan says:

Dear Mr. Kaceli, your teaching style is extra ordinary excellent. Smooth, slow speaking help to understand every words. Appreciate your all effort.

Waseem Nawaz says:

excellent presentation .thanks a lot !!!!!!!

Melissa Alford says:

Thanks for sharing this info. I have used Excel but I have to say I learned so much more. wish there would have been info on macros, but overall very helpful. Thanks so much.

isis ramirez says:

I love it. God bless you Mr. Kaceli. Excellent work. It’s a great video to learn Excel. I strongly recommend it.

sahil kankane says:

sir how you did this by writing j12jan in the travel total of 922 and then january came beside it. i am not able to do.so please help me.

Asifali Ali says:


Einam Ahmadi says:

very good

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