Excel Basics 1: Introduction To Excel 1: Formatting, Formulas, Cell References, Page Setup

Highline College Busn 216 Class: Computer Applications taught by Michael Girvin.
Download Excel Finished File: Download File: https://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/YouTubeExcelIsFun/EB01-Gradebook-Finished.xlsx
Download Full Written Notes: https://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/YouTubeExcelIsFun/Office2016Class13-ExcelBasics01-IntroductionToExcel01.pdf
Class web page link: https://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/AllClasses/216v2016/Content/04Excel/Excel2016.htm

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Topics in this video:
1. (00:01) Introduction
2. (01:30) Excel file = “Workbook”, not “Document”
3. (02:22) Columns (Represented by Letters) and Rows (Represented by Numbers)
4. (02:29) Cells = Intersection of Column and Row = Name or Address like B5 or A1
5. (03:46) Worksheet = Sheet = All the Cells
6. (03:55) Sheet Tab = Name of worksheet and Insert New Sheets
7. (04:18) Double-click Sheet Tab to highlight sheet name, then type sheet name, then hit Enter
8. (04:18) You can add new sheets with Plus button to the right of the sheets:
9. (05:00) Workbook = All the sheets = File = File Name
10. (05:20) Selection Cursor is the “thick white cross with a slight black shadow” cursor.
11. (05:20) Move Cursor
12. (05:20) Fill Handle = after you select a cell the little black square in the lower right corner.
13. (05:20) Cross Hair or “Angry Rabbit” Cursor
14. (06:45) Entering data or formulas
15. (07:42) Cross Hair or “Angry Rabbit” Cursor Magic
16. (13:22) Default Alignment In Excel:
17. (14:20) Stylistic Formatting examples:
18. (17:22) Select whole table:
19. (18:35) Entering data into a large range of cells
20. (22:05) Formulas
21. (22:05) First Formula using SUM
22. (24:37) Cell References
23. (26:15) AVERAGE Function
24. (34:40) Percentage Formula with Relative Cell Reference and Absolute Cell References Cell
25. (42:30) Number Formatting
26. (47:52) Page Setup
27. (58:32) Move Sheet and Copying Sheet:
28. (01:01:47) Summary


Caregiver Meg says:

Thanks so much for your teaching. I have very little background in Excel. I am in my Masters program and can tell that I am behind when it comes to this. I have hope that I will be starting the new semester more knowledgeable and confident thanks to you.

pedronio Zacarias Aut says:

Thank you so much.

Leoard Peart says:

This is the best course I ever watched you make everything so easy to do well explained you are a great teacher and instructor thank you

Joel Tochukwu says:

Sir. Can we have more excel sheets to practice on for each video you create. I mean, I appreciate the assignments at the end of each class, but we need more assignments to gain mastery. Again, great videos.

Joseph Delli Carpini says:

No doubt, you’ve been blessed with knowing how to teach this material… Professors need to watch your videos to learn how to teach students the most effective way possible – Great work! And yes, already thumbed up and subscribed 🙂

H G says:

Best Excel tutorials out there!

huan wang says:

Great video!!! Funny and clear, very helpful!!!!

dadang dadang says:

Now i know what Thanos looking for, this man have energy stone.

Sir Canavar says:

Thank you, thank you so so much. It was just the first video, but I am already so fired up to learn. This – and all your videos for what I can see – will for sure help me a lot. Thank you a lot!

Techtonic Activity says:

Your enthusiasm is contagious! By the end of this video I was motivated by curiosity not just necessity

Houi Syuu says:

Thank you!

ashitosh waghmare says:

I am not able to generate that dollar sign i press fn+f4 on my laptop but that doesn’t work plz reply.

China Bono says:


sohail imran says:

Hello Dear
As I can see you have uploaded two sets of videos in respect of Excel, one is called excel basic and the other called excel highline ..my questions is which one is more comprehensive for management accountant.. It seems highline is more comprehensive what is main difference ,please educate me..


Mariusz Wiesiolek says:

Is this Excel 2016?

thres34 says:

how can i help financially?

Eug Zvering says:

Thank you!!!

Srusthidhar Khot says:

Thank You so much! I recently joined an accountancy firm and had no idea how to use excel. Your videos helped me alot! Thanks again!

Atikilit Tezera says:

Thanks alot it helps me moreee love it. God bless u sir

sam french says:

Another great vid

Lugano Ngulwa says:

sir,your website for downloading pdf,doesnt open,may you help me with that

Strqfer says:

Thank You

hassan raza says:

thanks alot sir!!!!!

Yashvardhan Jain says:

Absolutely amazing video sir. You just earned a subscriber and a huge amount of respect from me. Thank you so much!

Gregory Gatt says:

Professionaly presented, Well Done

Cameron Feist says:

Your enthusiasm for the subject is palpable and makes you a great teacher. Thanks very much for this.

Shanna Jackson says:

Thank you! Been working in excel forever, and still lots of items were new to me!

David Edwards says:

As I am a self taught Excel user I decided to start at the beginning of your videos in case I missed anything and I have learned new things. I use Excel for work everyday with complex and long formulas but I really enjoy your shortcuts and explanations of the basics. Looking forward to going through all your Excel videos. As you talk clearly I was able to watch at 2 speed so I got through this in no time.

Adel Mohd says:

I Came for the material………But Stuck To The way of Presentation.
Simply You Are Great.


The way you explain things is clear and amazing! I’m a future accounting professional so I’m trying to get a heads up on all of this excel stuff. Thus far it’s been a lot of trial and error! But now I have years of excel videos to watch from you! Thanks once again. By the way, any tips of how to follow along? Should I have an excel file open while watching your videos and follow along? And also, where do you recommend to go after this series? I don’t ever want to stop learning; you have so many videos I just want to make sure I go to the next logical playlist or something! Thanks so much!

Jose Munoz says:

Your videos are great! Thanks!

Lamont Walker says:

I love revisiting the basics as I try to expand my knowledge base. Thank you for the time and effort put into sharing and for the great content!

Sanyukta Srivastava says:

thank you so much sir

Sudarshan Dagar says:

Thank you for your support in Excel, I appreciate the way you explain..

I also have a question, can i enter data on web page, generated from Excel workbook, like a drop-down list or text box?

Thanks for your continuous support!!!!!

Md. Monirul Islam says:

This excel tutorials are just awesome! I have seen such type of advanced trainer in YouTube forever and I love this trainer much. I want to follow this trainer for other tutorials like; MS Word, MS PowerPoint and many more. Are those tutorials available in YouTube?

Stephanie V says:

I just started a new job where excel is key. I know nothing about excel but this video is awesome. I need to create maintenance sheets and evidently learn the basics, tables, graphics and formulas. He said Tables are the same as tablitures. All of this is over my head so I really appreciate these videos. Any recommendations on what I should watch next? I am going for the 2nd video but I am totally green in excel.

Thank you.

Nika Yalichava says:

gonna take some time watching all of your videos. thanks a lot.

China Bono says:

I need help!!. Professor. I am making a excel file with 226 Languages and 226 Language codes, witch I have written a long If function in a Cell 2016 (exp: =IF (“D2= “Spanish”),[835]). If D2 is equal to Spanish Language I wan to display the code 835 in cell E2. But I received an error saying that my function is too long. What other statement hold longer data set?
Thank You.

Emily Yang says:

Thank you so much for your videos, Mr. Girvin! You have so much energy and explain the features so well that Excel really is fun! I’ve been watching a video a day and have learned so much from you.

Christiana Aina says:

This is teaching at its best! Thank You so very much Mr. Girvin 🙂

Miles Edgeworth says:

Thank you for this beautifully executed introduction, looking forward to watching and learning more from you!

Abdullah Ismail says:

thank you from Egypt

Stinkin Joe says:

Hey! Great series! I wanted to ask you what could be the reason of f4 and F2 keys not performing the functions you are performing??like I could neither use absolute cell referencing using f4 nor could see cell formulas in the cell when using f2

Md. Monirul Islam says:


Your every video is more than excellent. I am so confident that there is no other advanced tutorial and trainer like you. I am not interested to follow any other trainer’s tutorial if you have tutorial in which I am interested to learn. If it is possible, I will give a lot of Thumbs Up in every of your videos. We need trainer like you to make the world more better. I usually suggest to download and follow your videos whoever want to learn excel meeting with me. Thanks a lot to keep love and patience in your teaching field.

Jaspreet Singh says:

Thank you so much for these amazing videos. I find them very helpful. I don’t have to go anywhere and take classes for Excel. You are an amazing teacher sir.

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