Excel Charts & Graphs: Learn the Basics for a Quick Start

Learn the basics of Excel charts to be able to quickly create graphs for your Excel reports.

Written instructions: http://www.xelplus.com/charts-basics/

In this video you’ll learn:
1. How to insert an Excel Chart
2. How to adjust a chart (edit the chart)
3. How to improve a chart
4. How to add series to a chart
5. How to create combination charts (charts that show more than one variable – or multiple data sets) – for example how to combine a column chart with a line chart.

The type of Excel charts covered are column, bar, line and a combination of column and line chart. Use these charts to make comparisons or show trends.

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Ismail Ismaili says:

Thank u so much Ms. Leila it was really really useful and I’ve learned a lot from it waiting the next video hhh


Many, Many Thanks Leila! it was wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Radu Popa says:

Thanks for your videos, just featured several of them here:

Haroon Rashid says:

Very informative…… easy to learn….Thank u

Mahendra Babu says:

Thank You So Much!!!.. The concept you are explaining is very clear in each video!! Keep doing the Good Work !! We are looking forward to your upcoming New concepts!!!

Sal A says:

Hi Leila – can you show some techniques on how to graph disparate values (i.e. 100 million vs 100 thousand) and how to graph negative and positive values in one chart horizontally like a bar chart instead of vertically like a column chart.

Douglas Zulu says:

Great chart tools and insights Leila

Sher Muhammad says:

very nice effort. it is much useful for my work. thanks a lot dear Leila Gharani . stay blessed. i am from lahore, pakistan.

The Falcon says:

Hello, I have a issue that I hope you can help me with. It may be easier to give you the file, but I will attempt to explain it here. You may also tell me that a Pivot Table or some other option will give me what I want, I have not learned them at this time.

Ok, on the first tab (call it Data A) I have raw data on lines. At this point I can use “=MIN(D1:D50)” to find the Minimum value in a column. Even if some of the cells are blank it looks past them and only finds a real number

Ok, on a second tab I want only some parts of the data, so I have some thing like this “=’Data A’!b3” and I get what ever the data is on “Data A” tab in this cell. This works a I expect. But when the referenced cell is BLANK it does not bring over a BLANK cell to the second tab. It puts a “0” in the tab. At this point on the second tab if I again use “=MIN(D1:D50)” it now sees the “0” and my formula returns a “0”. I want it to bring over the BLANK or Empty Cell


Gopala Krishna says:

Great tutorial indeed. Once again no words to explain your good deeds, BIG & VERY BIG ROYAL SALUTE TO YOU MADAM. Waiting eagerly to learn more and more in the days to come. We are very lucky indeed to get a great teacher/guru in Excel like you, which no one can compete. Yours greatest admirer/follower/disciple – Gopalakrishna

Irviantanto Haditomo says:

Hi Leila, would you please to create more videos related to ms excel 2016 graph. I like to prepare the dashboard reporting, so I can improve it. Thank you. It’s awesome your video tutorial.

Jay Makhija says:

How do you insert text into a text box? For example, how do I import a file that has text into a text box? Do I just copy and paste or is there another way to input file where the information will appear into the text box without copy and pasting? Please help.

Israel Gallegos says:

What about if my chart don’t show me the freaking green cross

Nessa Rose says:

Thank You Very Much!!!..

Raja S says:

Nice video but volume is too low

Catherine Maingi says:

thank you – very simply done and detailed.

AdrianB says:

Why does a woman know how to use a excel?

darren godkin says:

Great top tips, generally at work due to time constraints, I normally just knock a quick chart up from self taught learning, very ad hoc and messy.
Not any more after watching this great video.
Thanks Darren

Velmurugan R says:

Hi Leila, can you make tutorial on create table ? How would help user quickly setting etc..

sameer khairkar says:

Hi , I am working on a chart and I can’t disclose any information here.. but I really need some help with creating an interactive chart, I’ve literally went through all the videos i could get my hand on , but its not helping my case. Can i ask you email ID so that I can explain the issue better?

violetdeluxe says:

Hey nice job – thanks!

Leila Gharani says:

Are there any specific chart topics you’d like me to cover? Let me know in the comments below.

Karen Zappavigna Hoogland says:

Thanks for this tutorial – very helpful information.

Tamim says:

Thank you

Raj Sharma says:


chaitanya krishna says:

Any link to download excel 2016 along with key ??

Shaukat Samad says:

Ms. Thanks for teaching a great things for beginner, I’m just learning for u n others teachers thru ytube which are very essential for me to work in the office, pls advise how i ll get the sign of plus n filter the other mark beside of the graphs when u click the plus the chart elements show, pls advise

Abdullah Ibrahim Jawad says:

Excellent! Thanks very much for the video….

Dyane Espinosa says:

I think this is a great training video for beginners like me! Thank you!

Pavels Mordvicevs says:

There are other great tools you can use to make charts faster. I use Infogram because I can create those graphs in minutes. And it’s free. Try if you want – https://infogram.com/

Saman Udaya says:

thanks leila

Ahsanullah Afridi says:

I love it as always.

Francisco Vega says:

Just to say you Leila that I am your Fan and your student number one, thanks to teach Excel

Adeptec says:

This was an excellent presentation.

JM DD says:

as usual this has been a very good video leila, thanks a lot!

Sam Woon says:

Very useful. Thanks alot 🙂

Irviantanto Haditomo says:

Good videos. I can improving my skills. Thank you.

Nathan Sooriyakhantha says:

I love this Chart Leila to use for ActualVsBudget.But I am unable to use the bar chat with markers when budget is less than actual. Its becoming messy. Do you have any clever trick to overcome this type of chart where budget is less than actual sale? Just a thought!!!

133faceman says:

Your really pretty. Video was really helpful and easy to understand and follow. Thank you 🙂


Thanks Leila, I would have preferred Executive Excel Dashboard.

Thomas Teo says:

Congratulation for winning the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award from Microsoft.
Thank you for your valuable sharing on Excel which I benefited from it tremendously.
Once again, thank you and Congratulation.

loli lolita says:

Very good presentation. I love the way you teach it.

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