Excel Data Analysis: Sort, Filter, PivotTable, Formulas (25 Examples): HCC Professional Day 2012

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Learn the basics of Data Analysis at Highline Community College Professional Development Day 2012:
Topics in Video:
1. What is Data Analysis? ( 00:53 min mark)
2. How Data Must Be Setup ( 02:53 min mark)
3. Sort with 1 criteria ( 04:35 min mark)
4. Sort with 2 criteria or more ( 06:27 min mark)
5. Sort by color ( 10:01 min mark)
6. Filter with 1 criteria ( 11:26 min mark)
7. Filter with 2 criteria or more ( 15:14 min mark)
8. Filter by color ( 16:28 min mark)
9. Filter Text, Numbers, Dates ( 16:50 min mark)
10. Filter by Partial Text ( 20:16 min mark)
Pivot Tables:
11. What is a PivotTable? ( 21:05 min mark)
12. Easy 3 step method, Cross Tabulation ( 23:07 min mark)
13. Change the calculation ( 26:52 min mark)
14. More than one calculation ( 28:45 min mark)
15. Value Field Settings (32:36 min mark)
16. Grouping Numbers ( 33:24 min mark)
17. Filter in a Pivot Table ( 35:45 min mark)
18. Slicers ( 37:09 min mark)
19. Column Charts from Pivot Tables ( 38:37 min mark)
20. SUMIFS ( 42:17 min mark)
21. Data Analysis Formula or PivotTables? ( 45:11 min mark)
22. COUNTIF ( 46:12 min mark)
23. Formula to Compare Two Lists: ISNA and MATCH functions ( 47:00 min mark)
Getting Data Into Excel
24. Import from CSV file ( 51:21 min mark)
25. Import from Access ( 54:00 min mark)
Highline Community College Professional Development Day 2012


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Jose Morales says:

Can anyone help me? I am trying to make an excel sheet that will generate a number when data is entered. Example, column headings will be , number of total surveys, number of total bad surveys, % of total good surveys, *how many surveys needed to get to 90%.

I can’t figure out how to create the formula that will give me the last heading *

aasu grg says:

4,303,782,908 turn this into millions form

Alicia Rasmey says:

Thank you so much for making this video tutorial! Even though there are many online resources for Data Analysis in Excel, I really like this video because it has many examples in one video. Instead of having to find multiple videos for each type of example, I can just watch one video and saves me a lot of convenience. The explanations are also done very well!

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When you realize Ross Geller is teaching you Excel

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i wish more people would get as involved with MS access as they do with Excel. have learned many new tricks with your videos. well done

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How do you create the pictures that you already have set up when starting out the pivot table sections? How do you make the pivot table data into a picture format for us to see? thank you

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One great question for you? When you are doing “filer” for just top ten, it does work but I was trying to do top ten once I have did that filer with other criteria and it does not work.  So, I wonder, we can only do top ten before doing any kind of filer with criteria ..right?

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