Excel Macro Class 1 – Getting Started Programming Macros

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This is a practical class that gets you started with actually using and creating a macro on your own instead of focusing on the mundane details of things that won’t help you right now.

This is a hands-on tutorial and I invite you to download the sample file and work along so you can better learn how to do everything.

After viewing this tutorial, you will be able to create your own very basic macro.



Venky Iyer says:

Thanks for the video, I created a macro but i do not see it when i try to run it on a different excel workbook. Also do I save the excel as macro enabled file?

una last says:

What does offset means?

I love puppies says:

Good intro well explained with easy to follow examples

Queue Eight says:

excellent for beginners…10q

pj mclenon says:

alt f11 doesnt work for me


thank you so much for this video…..i really need to learn this…thank you so much i will subscribe ur channel and press bell to….and learn all tutorials about macros…..thank you soo much…!!!!


thanks sir

kfkf1992 says:

Thank you! This video really helped

Kirandeep Choudhry says:

Today I decided to learn macro so please continue it and plz reply if I have some problem.Mate how to use macro recorded in different workbooks

Bob Webber says:

Yes please keep them coming. I’m quite new to macros in Win10 an finding it a bit of a struggle. Thanks for all the work you put in. I have a folder that all the email samples go in so that they can be referenced later.

John Longo says:

Thanks for the beginner’s intro to programming with Macros. This is an area I would like to be more familiar with and appreciate your providing an opportunity to do that. Looking forward to your next video!

Vs Lingam says:

Just watched your tutorial. It gives a good step-by-step intro to macros. Perfect for beginners. Many of the other tutorials I have seen are just too complicated and confusing to follow. Plan to do your other tutorials too. I have subscribed. Pls continue the good work. Tks.

Kevo Ellis says:

Hello, this video has been very helpful. However, when I do the: Range(“B2”).Value = “Hey there!” I get back an error that says Can’t execute in break mode. What am I doing wrong?

Boogie-Down: BX Bronx says:

Do you teach how to create user forms?

Graeme McGregor says:

Great stuff, mate. I am quite comfortable with vba but VERY self-taught on a case-by-case basis (ie reseearch what I need for the project of the moment), so although I can do some pretty cool stuff I have great big holes in the basics. Your course is filling those in for me, so thank you very much. 🙂

Suzan Issa says:

Thank you

edwin enriquez says:

Thank you! I have developed a payroll system in excel which has been in use since 2014. This is the next step in the development to automate it. I look forward to more lessons!

Qazi Qaisir says:

Informative, wonderful

Vivek Mayinkar says:

Hi, Can you please let me know what is the software that you are using to capture the desktop screen

Joe Crisp says:

Decided to learn this between starting my further accounts studies. Thankyou!!! This is really useful.

James Bukachi says:

Awesome teaching!

Na bu says:

I’m finding it a bit hard to follow these or see the point to them when there is no example given for why you would use these functions.  If you gave a real life example at the start of each command of what you want to create and also show the end result then it would be much clearer as to what you are doing and why, ie. a “button to delete cells” or “a calculate button”  Otherwise these just seem like useless commands that I can’t quite image where I’d need them or why.  Sorry, just some feedback

Maâmoune Gaâbouri says:

Very clear and so simple to follow. Helpful as a start. thanks a lot Dude.

Barsha Das says:

Hello Sir. I am your new subscriber. Thank you so much for such helpful videos. God bless. Regards.

una last says:

What does offset means?

Aydin Valiyev says:

Please help, I need to sort a list of words in alphabetic order, but not from left side of the words as usual, but from the right side, endings of words.

Alex Rosén says:

I have seen lot of macro videos. This is by far the best way to teach someone how makro works. Thanks!

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