Excel Macro Tutorial – Learn how macros can really speed up your work in Excel

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This video is an introduction to the basics of Macros and VBA in Excel. When you see the power of macros you will want to learn how to use them yourself!

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Think of a macro as a tape recording. It remembers word for word what you “say” to Excel. VBA = Visual Basic for Applications. This is the language used by Excel to record macros.

In the video we cover a simple use-case for the macro recorder: how to change your number formats.

For an interesting example of pretty advanced VBA, check out the article on using Google Maps in Excel with VBA:

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Navin Narendra says:

Very Good & Simple Video for Beginners. I am interested in running macro from raw data to Pivot tables. Does it work on recording actions to convert pivot tables every time I have a raw data

Naga Jothi says:

Sir one doubt .. For eg ( Sujitha this tab then all the sheets using ) sujitha typing then automatically next tab our products .. disturb .. what i can used it ? sir

Jether Mukisa says:

How does one use macro’s to speed up the pace of your narration?

Mohan Sudhir says:

Excel-lent explanation!!!
Thanks you

Alessandro Scalora says:

ur Ts click so much…..way to much saliva bud ahahahah…..sounds like a guided meditation video!!!

Marcco Sotku says:


George Mathai says:

You’re right – I really do see the potential of macros thanks to your video!

S.M. Ho says:

Your voice is really soothing and clear. Thank you for your tutorial.

Tolan Washington says:

Excellent demonstration thank you very much

Shoaib Rehman says:

i am very thankful to you for making me understand the basics of Macros

satya narayan says:

good stuff thq

Serge says:

Your voice is so calming

Darlene Evans says:

Great info. Very clear and understandable

ndelpurg says:

many thanks please make more excel videos !


Hello sir,
I need an excell macro tutorial that will automaticaly close my excel workbok after a few times later (Timing)

Gökçem Usul says:

sorry but you wasted my precious time…

Zaid Sada says:

For this particular task, format painter would be easier than writing a macro.

Pelaporan SLIK says:

Haduh orang bule yg jawab, gue kaga ngerti

siraj muhammed says:

thanks for giving a basic understanding about macro.. good job, weather it is appropriate or not for this particular task.

raveendran t says:

very nice

Elizabeth C says:

Easy to follow, thanks for sharing this video!

Yannickos Le Grand says:

Wow i’m really impressed of the power of macro’s. When my teacher tried to explain this to me, it was all chinese for me. Your explanition is super!! Thans a lot!!

Ivelisse Ferrer says:

Thank you, very explanatory.

keke Igere says:

Many thanks for simply breaking it down

Nima Heyde says:

Good Job. Excellent Tutorial.

Brian Castro says:

Yes but on your video you can highlights all the cell that you want to change the format and do the format number. right? My point, macro isn’t really useful in this circumstance.

Hari Prasath says:

Explanation to good,…….easy to understand…..

Ayuva Yoga says:

his vioce makes me sleepy

maan singh says:

Thanks for the wonderful learning…….Now i am able to create macro myself. superlyk for this.

Anand Kanatti says:

Thank you for simple demonstration

bertjan pieffers says:

I need some more info about this!
I have to correct all the stock in our stockroom. I use excel for this.
But Ive made a mistake. All the products are placed in the C-collumn and the site from the supplier is on the P-collumn. But I want to hyperlink all the C-collumns, so when I click on it, Im directly redirected to the site of the product.
But doing that for 2000 items is bit to mutch. So, is it possible to record a macro for this, and how to do this?

James Perry says:

Great ! Huge time-saver. Thank u.

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