Excel Tutorial 2016: Excel Part 1 of 2 – Beginner to Intermediate Tutorial

A comprehensive tutorial on Excel 2016 covering most essential features for business professionals, students or anyone that wants to learn how to use Excel. This is part 1 of 2 of the Excel Tutorial. For more info. visit http://learn.kaceli.com. The concepts covered here apply also to previous versions of Excel such as Excel 2013, 2010 and 2007.

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Link to Excel 2016 Part I Tutorial: https://youtu.be/xUM-GvJwTrw
Full Excel 2016 Tutorial URL: https://youtu.be/8lXerL3DHRw

The Quick Guide for Excel 2016 along with the data files to follow along are available from here: http://kaceli.com/excel-2016-data-file/

The following are covered in detail along with the starting times:
00:07 Getting Started with Excel 2016 – Learn the basics including the Tell Me feature.
11:15 Learn about the basic calculations in Excel 2016 such as SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN, COUNT
21:45 Learn how to format a spreadsheet including conditional formatting in Excel 2016
25:04 Learn about additional core Excel functions and concepts such as SUM, Multiplying, Subtracting, Dividing in Excel 2016
32:41 Learn about the Quick Analysis Tools in Excel 2016
35:51 Learn about Data Sorting and Data Filtering in Excel 206
39:17: Learn about core concepts in Excel such as the types of references: Absolute, Relative Reference in Excel 2016
49:30 Learn how to create and use charts in Excel 2016
55:49 Learn how to use the Flash Fill Data feature in Excel 2016

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Mariah Pierson says:

Great tutorial!

anupama venu says:

Thanks! Very helpful.


Great Refresher course!…Thanks a million

electroclick says:

Thank you so much Sali, you’re a great teacher!

Shaji Uddin says:

Excellent way of teaching

Sikta Das says:

thanks learned  a lot

george aries says:

Thank you sir for sharing us your idea on how to use Excel and you are a great teacher, thumbs up 🙂

Sidney Harris says:

thanks for sharing, in the midst of watching. It’s very helpful!

Sagar Garg says:

tnxs sir , ur video is too good to learn it very fast within a single hour .
you r the best tutor tnxs to save my money and time

Abhishek Dagar says:

Thanks for the tutorial Mr Kaceli.
I found it very informative, easy to follow and well structured.

sophia enoch says:


Syed Afzal Mahmud says:

heaps good.

Tara Johnson says:

Awesome!! This has helped me tremendously

oladele omokanye says:

Lovely underestimated the tutorial initially because I thought I am above average in the use of excel but was wrong and i have refer fellow colleagues in the office. Thanks Sali

Clement Ong says:

Excel 2016 for Mac doesn’t seem to have quick analysis…

Nancy Shehata says:

If I had to recommend only one Excel tutorial for someone to watch, I would recommend yours. It is so well organized and clearly presented. Thank you so much! After this much-needed brushup, I feel very confident going into my job interview tomorrow. Please keep making tutorials!

Josephine Ajih says:

thanks for saving me with your video. I tried creating a chart with two columns out of 3. just the way you did test 1 and test 3, But it’s highlighting all the 3 columns

Ruohui Li says:

Thank you. I have to say this is the easiest excel teaching video I have ever seen

gugestein says:

Will be nice to not feel guilty having Excel under my IT skills on my cv from now

Thomas Sibanda says:

very helpful and thank you very much.
I was wondering though, Can I send you an excel spreadsheet that was created and explain how it was done?

Elisabeth Gustafsson says:

Thank you so, so much for this! Finally excel starts to make sense to me and I agree with previous comments, you truly are a wonderful teacher 🙂 Again, thank you.

devashish varshney says:

one of the best Excel tutorials I have ever seen .. 🙂

Ankit Shah says:

Very useful thank you very much!

Fox King says:

Does the flash fill work on Excel 2007.

David Batt says:

So extremely helpful. Structured really well too. Great pace too. Thank you!

Suketh Shetty says:

u are awesume

Shawn Myrelle says:

This has been great so far. Ive built a budget, after a month, my thinking has become more innovative. I always talk about excel now. Great video and I will be continue to watch your tutorials.

Quaesitor Scientiae says:

Why is it when i drag from c15 to f15 i get hash tags # ?

Zheng Jhonny says:

Awesome tutorial! Thank you so much! What a great teacher! If you can, please teach in a university! I will register for your class!

babyharrison2008 says:

thank you sooo much! My degrees were qualitative so never really used Excel.. Have an interview tomorrow and was worried but after watching this I feel better..

babila sue says:

you are a wonderful teacher. through you i can proudly say i know excel basics . thanks a lot sir.

Cyrus Kariuki says:

very informative.
kindly assist with the download link to the excel workbook you are using in the tutorial.

simo houba says:

Thank you very much Sir.

Tausif Niloy says:

it’s a great idea to do this video to make us learn once again thanks

fuck you isis says:

Where is the link to download the workbook to follow along? I’m on my phone so that could be the problem also.

Shabuj 196 says:

this is useful but link please part 2

rosa isberto says:

Thank you very much you are a good tutor you explained it very well.

Delores Owens says:

Very detailed instructions!  Thank you so much!!!!

Nabaz Kadr says:

Thanks a lot for sharing. it was very helpful

Legend of Lions says:

Great Step by step

Empty Brick says:

Thank you for you time. Nicely done.

Li Yang says:

Thank you for making this great video. It is very helpful.

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