Excel Tutorial 2016: Excel Part 2 of 2 – Intermediate to Advanced Tutorial

A comprehensive tutorial on Excel 2016 covering most essential features for business professionals, students or anyone that wants to learn how to use Excel. This is part 2 of 2 of the Excel 2016 tutorial. The concepts covered here apply also to previous versions of Excel such as Excel 2013, 2010 and 2007. For more info. visit http://learn.kaceli.com.

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Microsoft Excel 2016 Tutorial URL: https://youtu.be/8lXerL3DHRw

Microsoft Excel 2016 Tutorial Part I: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUM-GvJwTrw
Microsoft Excel 2016 Tutorial Part II: https://youtu.be/-wJBzxefr8k

The Quick Guide for Excel 2016 along with the data files to follow along are available from here: http://kaceli.com/excel-2016-data-file/

Here is what is covered along with the times. The times might be a bit off. If someone is willing to update them, I can post them here.

00:05 Learn how to use Named References and Cross-sheet calculations in Excel 2016
1:02:29 Learn how to Calculate Percentages in Excel 2013 three types of calculations
10:23 Learn how to use Financial Functions such as PMT, IPMT, PPMT in Excel 2016
22:21 Learn how to use the IF statement and logical functions in Excel 2016
28:29 Learn how to use One Click Forecasting in Excel 2016
30:03 Learn how to use the new and modern charts in Excel 2016
31:43 Learn how to use Pivot Tables in Excel 2016
38:06 Learn how to use Data Gathering in Excel 2016
40:14 Learn how to use the new Financial Charts in Excel 2016
39:45 Learn how to use the 3D Maps and Data Visualization Exel 2016
43:41 Learn how to use the Freeze Panes in Excel 2016
45:11 Learn how to Set the Print Area in Excel 2016
47:33 Learn how to Encrypt and put a Password in a Spreadsheet in Excel 2016
48:14 Learn how to use data validation in Excel 2016
51:56 Learn how to link Excel Data to a Word Report
56:29 Learn how to import and export data in Excel 2016
58:47 Learn how to export an Excel file to PDF in Excel 2016

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Baptist Nazareth says:

Hi It is very good to learn but How to download your data in our system.

Divya khare says:

Good one. Easy to understand.

Livia Zhan says:

Thank you.

Zara Nayab says:

Thank you so much for the videos, you are a good teacher, pls upload more videos on excel 2016 🙂

Jennifer Hood says:

Nicely laid out and understandable presentation!

Asfiya Zainab says:

I tried watching other vodios for exel but none were as good as yours

WarwickYT says:

Thank you so much for doing this. Very clear explanations of all these functions. Easy to follow for a total noob like myself. This is gonna come in handy in my first job after college!

hewad saad says:

i have learnt allot and shared it with my friends,
May God bless you with these efforts.

Jatinder Singh says:

This the most useful video I’ve seen on youtube.Thank you so much

Jenna Anderson says:

Thank you sooo much. Your videos have simplified Excel for me so much.

Nadim Hossain says:

made it easy to understand and follow.Want more video from this outstanding man on Vlookup etc…

Joshua Empleo says:


isaac ishaka says:

this is my best teacher ever ,i ve learnt a lot ,based in east africa, thank you Sir God Bless u!

Novice Historian says:

Great tutorial sir, 100% recommended.

Erika Maykhaella Cruz says:

i am very appreciate and impressed all videos and thankful i learned a lot no need waste lot of money

doyouremember says:

Thank you Sali. Your videos are very informative

yasmin oz1905 says:

glad i found this <3 thanks

Angel Cusilit says:

can you please make a tutorial for visual basic!! thank you!!

Noëlle Zouari says:

Remarkable tutorial! Thanks so much for posting!

Melody Xu says:

Thank you sir!! It helps me a lot. I can’t find forecast sheet in my data tab, where can I get the tool?

kenneth 92 says:

28:14 if you get the error ######, resize the cell.

Muhammad Saleem Kalhoro says:

Sir, could you tell me, how to create tertiary vertical axis (3rd y axis) in Excel Graph through overlay or other method, could you please upload a tutorial video regarding this, Thanks

Rijul Chawla says:

HI Can you please teach me how to compare the data between two wordbooks?

Gilbert Stephenson says:

Extremely useful. Thank you

Erick Omondi says:

Thanks Mr Sali, am glad for your work. Is their comprehensive microsoft access 2016 part 2 of 2 please?

Rangana Fernando says:

Thank you very much.
very valuable Tutorial.

Raisul Islam says:

You are just amazing .. Thanks for everything

Danica Mijailovic says:

I am watching but he is making me to fall asleep!

Simon Chattington says:

How do you select all the data instantly like you do at 45:45?

Henda says:

34:11 How u select the whole table so quickly? I cant’t do it.

Sam Zughbaba says:

You are an amazing teacher. Very clear. easy to follow. Thank you!

Shakir Parsa says:

very useful, really appreciate it

Mohit kumar says:

Thank you so much this is really best guide and you explain everything so clear that it saved my life and now i can be all proud at work : this is exactly how tutorials should be like !

Shubham Jadon says:

Sir, I stopped that auto fill feature(that yellow spark button in MS excel 2016) and now I don’t know how to start it again.
Sir, please help and thanks for these awesome videos.

JD1975 says:

Tweek it and tinker with it!

Asfiya Zainab says:

I’m asfiya and I’m nine years old and I really aprecieate you!!!!!!!

Linda Rose Smith says:

Great tutorial…clear explanations. Thank you!

Mahmudul Hasan Samrat says:

nice post

Pankaj Kumar says:

Best tutorial ever for excel

Linda Alberino says:

You ARE a blessing…so patient, precise and insightful as to what our struggles may be with excel. This is the BEST tutorial out there…than you much!!!!

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