How to do a Vlookup in Excel – Learn how in 5 minutes! This is a video tutorial which shows you how to use the vlookup function in Microsoft Excel to quickly retrieve data. It works in all versions of Excel including Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010 and Excel 2013. We also cover 10 reasons why your vlookup may not work on this website:


Esteban Rivera says:


Ruth Wedgwood says:

Marvellous tutorial! So simple and straight to the point. Thank you!

Olumide AJAO says:

You really are a good teacher. Many thanks.

Harry Nguyen says: you can find the VLOOKUP exercise for 2 formulas and 1 formula

Yuri Naumov says:

Excellent tutorial. Thanks

Russell Cox says:

I want to add this short video to my quick reference toolbox.

Prisma Prisma says:

really nyc work

Tombo Lee says:

Fantastic tutorial. I viewed it once and had the confidence to do it on my spreadsheet straight away. No need to view the tut again, or so I thought.

Ade Makinde says:

great job of explaining the concept

John Schuster says:

Hats off to the instructor, her presentation demonstrated a contemplative approach that did not exclude transitional information between steps.

utoobfan7 says:

Sweetie, your instructions are off the charts! You did an awesome job! Wow! Ive watched about 8 videos now and yours was BAM! Precise, on point, clear, PERFECT! Thank you!

utoobfan7 says:

Only 27 comments and only 353 thumbs up!!! This world can be ungrateful. Thank you again Miss. You did an awesome job!

The Photo Booth Chick says:

FANTASTIC ON 1000!  This is so sweet, easy, and quick to learn!  Of course my process was a little complicated but it worked.

M Clinton says:

Great tut!! Just saved me 3 hours of work!! Thank you.

Yvonna Webb says:

This was the best and easiest tutorial I have come across. You absolutely simplified it for me. thank you so much…

Wendy R. says:


Beverly Allison says:

Quite helpful and clear instructions.

LegoAR8Productions says:

Really informative and easy to understanding – great turorial

Rilwan Ajibola says:

Good video, very clear and concise

BlogHarp says:

Thanks, I was able to apply VLookup seamlessly adhering to your steps.

e jay says:

what would you do if you had to remove names from the list, say if they didnt finish the race and received no prize money.

Lori McGuckin says:

Fantastic tutorial- really helped me out of a pickle!!

Jerod Myers says:

I’d double check results cause it is not fault proof. Good video though, at worse it cuts most of the work for you.

I Fernandes says:

Great tutorial. Very well explained and easy to follow.

John Lourens says:

life saver at work thank you

Shalora Brown says:

This is the best tutorial on Vlookup. Thank you so much!

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