How to Do a VLOOKUP in Excel – Video Tutorial
This video shows you how to use MicroSoft Excel’s VLOOKUP function to compare values in two lists. It accompanies the full article on See the full tutorial at



This was extremely helpful, thank you!

Cathy Robertson says:

Very good tutorial! Thank you!

Vesta Dynasty says:

legend says becky still hasn’t paid

amin Abdullah says:

Difficul to understand

ikhan920 says:

Thank you this quick learn.

Shmonik Shmonik says:

Thank you!

Sassouu Sasoo says:


Dac Cao says:

Thanks, this really helped me out.

Ginevra Kurow says:

The clearest explanation I’ve seen regarding this topic. I finally managed to do a decent Vlookup! Thank you!

jigar dave says:

so useful to explain to my gf

Kyle Kenny says:

It makes no sense why you would return their name though… it should have been the amount returned the whole time

Ieya Hazeera says:

why i click ”paid” on table rays it shows #NAME?

kush maheshwari says:

follow CA Devashish Kogata for more useful excel techniques and shortcuts by clicking the below link, very useful.

Jose C says:

This video has been so helpful. Thank you so much!

R Young says:

I am still confused about how to do it! 🙁 I get the logic of it, just doing it is confusing. I’ve never been good at Excel

Aneera Sadiq says:

very helpful thanks

aceflo says:

very well explained, you managed to explain to me and keep embedded in my mind what my computer science teacher has been trying to teach me for a bit over 2 months now. I appreciate your generosity!

Aaron Mauer says:

thank you for this. Very well explained

Karl Morrison says:

Still saving lives after 6 years – thank you VitaminCM!

Iam_G_Rated JA says:

Thank you very very very very much really helpful… greaaat videio

hazelnut tree says:

clear tutorial! thanks!!

Praveen mishra says:
Vlookup also known as vertical lookup allows you to locate or lookup another data value in the same row but another column for a data value in the first column.
watch this video

good YouTuber Lane says:


Angelique Davis says:

Thank you!

Don Mega says:

just returns a N/A, when there are contents in all of the cells. i tried naming the range too and replaced ‘Inventory’!:C4:C9 with that. no luck. it’s on another sheet in the same excel file.

No Good says:

You are moving way too fast and this is boring

Yijun Zhu says:

Thank you so much

19dec1981 says:

followed the exact method and returns #NAME? everytime…

Aleksei Bingham says:

no thank you


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LEO ***** says:

i have row with numbers 1,0,1,1,1,0,1,0,0,1,1,1,1 who is even longer if i look in history. is there any whey in excel what can help me find next number according of previous data, maybe there is some macro who can read history data and when it ends continue independently to make numbers according of previous data. Or you know better whey how i can get solution of this problem. hope you can help me. Thank you for your other videos they are really useful.

Lungile Zungu says:

You saved my entire life. Thank you so so much. God bless you.

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