How to Pass an Excel Test

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Sherri Hollon says:

i need help i know how to do basic simple formulas but i need to make a formula that automatically calculates total price for any amount of units placed in c12 my formula needs to be in c13 but… the units are not in just number the unit column says 1 to 10 and colomun beside says 20 then 11 to 19 next column 18 so if i type the nimber 5 in c12 i need it to give me the price im not sure how to do this please help

Adyan says:

i failed

Thobeka Mabaso says:

thank you so much for doing this for us

Shukrullah Noorzai says:

At all its good for any one

martavavautube says:

is this an elementary excel test?

Yasmine says:


Oachilis Goku says:

I got a question cuz for me i failed my exam with a 69.7 only 1 more question to pass but the reason why i failed is when i skipped 2 question and submitted it and the question IDK which is “use shape to add vertical scroll” and i was in insert then shape for 30 minute trying to find vertical scroll and i couldn’t any helps? and the 2nd following question would say input the text that give me into vertical scroll i forgot what it was and i skipped it which i coulda passed bruh i am still tryna figure how to do it cuz tomorrow imma retake the exam

anarki777 says:

Man, for fucks sake! Who on Earth can’t pass this test?

Owlman says:


Jane Beyer says:

This is too funny – same thing happened to me! “We love your resume and cover letter; can you come in for an EXCEL COMPETENCY TEST?!” AAHHHHH! WHAT?! Lol.

getrecked 334 says:

6:40 in 0.25 speed!! hilarious!!

Simon Hamid says:

Not a real Excel test by any stretch of the imagination. Stick to screwing in light bulbs please.

Kittu Rock says:


Araceli Valencia says:

you are hilarious thanks for making excel fun

Rickardo Howell says:

Create a row under G-10… In A-12 there is the item (G-10) in which I think you are asked to create the total column

Nick says:

This seemed almost too easy.

Ande Ycal says:

Thank You. I have to do an assessment test for Word and Excel by Thursday and I want to pass it.

Monarch says:

Create a row under G-10 means …the cell value of A12 is you need to label the row as Total I guess..

Adontus Smith says:

under g-10 the product g-10. put the total under product g10

Lorraine Butlin says:

Far too fast to be of any use for me. Couldn’t keep up with the instructions. He clearly thinks everyone should know this already. My son does this to me, tap tap tap… did you get that?

terries sterling says:

Good morning
Thank you, I’m a stay at home mom for now, But I needed to learn Microsoft office, so thank you for teaching abilities

Lakeisha Doyal says:

Thank you extremely helpful I have a test hope this works!!!!

Ronald Tipton says:

Wow, this is way easier than any other Excel test I’ve seen on the internet. The whole thing would have taken me 90 seconds tops. Probably not a good test to determine if you know anything beyond basic Excel knowledge.

Cheryl Nelson says:

How to os how to pass the accounting County Test

slugoman. 8 says:

You are awesome

Bankies says:

This is too easy man .. where’s all the difficult functions?

Curious Cat 77 says:

I just took a test for a bilingual secretary job, I did pass the Spanish part with high score but failed the excel test, lol learned my lesson. Learning excel is such a piece of cake, try learning another language in a couple of weeks!!

Natalia Piechowiak says:

they meant in the column “PRODUCT” it has a G-10 it’s the very last row 😛

Peace Full says:

Really useful

Uarehere says:

This is the easiest Excel test I’ve ever seen. I thought bookkeepers knew Excel really well!

Katie Walsh says:

Never thought I’d be yelling at a youtube video of someone making an excel spreadsheet but here i am…

민정KaoriMin says:

hahaha I got same confusion on the “G10” part and I was looking for the cell reference ! I’m glad that was an instruction mistake because I was thinking I was the wrong one.

Zoi Maria says:

can you please explain the 1.2 for the calculation of 20% increase ? i didnt get it 🙂 thanks 🙂

Arthur Webb says:

your video was okay… you spoke way too fast, moved/clicked way too fast… I lost you after creating row G. lol But thank you for trying to help folks like myself. Also, My math isnt awesome but why did you multiply by 1.2% instead of .20%?

Adonica Blevins says:

Sorry, but I’m a little rusty with my math. How do you convert the 20% into 1.2? Just in case my question on the test is a different % increase. I would like to be reminded of the formula. I know that it may be a stupid question, please forgive me.

Demont Bowden says:

At 3:41 when you click and drag the cells that you want average, do you hit enter afterwards or tab?  Thanks.

How To's and InterestingThings says:

You have one of the best video on excel….very clear and right to the point….Thank you so much…..

Kevin Springer says:

Clickbait! I was hoping to pass an Excel “text”

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