How to use Excel Part 1

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Learn how to use Microsoft Excel, free online tutorial… In this video I am using the 2013 version but they are basically the same. This is a basic excel tutorial that will teach you some of the basic excel functions and terminology. Perfect for beginners!
I am planning to do more of these excel tutorials, leave me a comment below if you found this helpful and let me know what else would be useful for you!

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This video was very useful to me. Thanks for putting these videos.

reddogpup says:

MAN! Thank you very much for this tutorial, I have to create a lot of worksheets using Excel and I was out of practice…

MarksT says:

it helped me as a studying computer

oscar ceballos says:

Your tutorial are so helpful Matthew McEvoy.

Urameshi says:

Thank you so much!!

Benjamin F says:

These videos helped change my career. Thank you so much !! You’re an amazing teacher

Maylany Faumoliga says:

thank u


Oraios re alani

Jose Angel Santana says:

Great Job !!

bishal king says:

for simple way to teach….

mirooo Vuujjj says:

thank you so much

Cameron Stirton says:

Very helpful. Thank you.

Ayesha Irwin says:

Thank you Matthew 🙂

vitalijus narbutas says:

helpful! thank you!

The LJ Tutorials says:

Hey there, great video! I’ve started a South African based tutorial
channel.. it’s regarding Word, Excel, Access, GDrive, PowerPoint,
Android/Java etc. I would appreciate your support. And also keep up the
good work. Thanks Matthew.

Scarleth Tovar says:

thank you

Vipan Randhawa says:

How can i write a value amount 2,25,255.25 as 225,255.25 in excel 2010.

Asimtot 451 says:

thanks for excel tutorial

Sherry Miller says:

Thank for your time and expertise.Thank you for volunteering your
time and expertise. Very helpful!Thank you for volunteering your time and
expertise. Very helpful! Thank you for volunteering your time and expertise.
Very helpful!

hong lan le says:

Your way to teach is easy to learn for new beginner. Thanks!

Daniel Kautu says:

How did you put those numbers down?

Frxo says:


CamsOnKam says:


Katrina Larsen says:

Thank you so much. Really helpful for someone who freezes when they hear the word “Excel”.

nansubuga angella says:

nice one thanx a lot

Tattiana M. says:

Thank you so much! How many classes do you teach! I want to take all of them! Do you have any that work up towards advanced? I want to get there one day! I love your videos!

Alison Turton says:

Thank you, you explain this PERFECTLY!

Panda's Gaming says:

Why is your voice so slow

Lucy Murunga says:

Thank you, this was really really helpful! I am a communications expert and I rarely used excel until recently I took additional responsibilities in program work and am now required to be very familiar with excel!


Thank you very much, I have to tell you that As I am watching this course today you bring my interest up and I want to know more about Excell. Furhthermore I need to know a little bit more about Infograph. how to prepare a business card / ID Card

Claud B says:

Super helpful! Thank you


was good

temoc76 says:

I recently had to study due to a job interview and this tutorial helped because it started with the basics and then escalated. As opposed to other tutorials, this did not jump into the “Lions Den” and walked me like a baby that I am.

Thys Greef says:

Thank you so much

Chuck Miller says:

Thank you for the helpful tutorial.

James Scroggins says:

Is it possible you can do a Tutorial how to do a spreadsheet with Years Months and Numbers??
I know the basics are the same. I would a few short cuts. I would also like to know if you are doing a spreadsheet for a presentation and make it look really professional.

Edith Cabrera says:

I enjoy how you teach. You are very calm.

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