Microsoft Excel 2013 Tutorial For Beginners #1: Crash Course Data Entry Formulas Formats Charts 365

Excel 2013 Tutorial
For Excel 2016 Tutorial for Beginners click here

This is a Crash Course on Microsoft Excel 2013 Office 365 Tutorial for Beginners. By the end of this 4 video Excel course you should have a decent understand of the most common and basic Excel functions and commands. In this video we show you how to do basic math formulas in Excel 2013, we introduce you to some data entry techniques, teach you formatting and how to make basic charts. By following along this Excel 2013 tutorial Crash Course you should be familiar with how to navigate through Excel and perform the most common Excel functions and commands.

This tutorial also works for Microsoft Excel 2007, Excel 2010 and Excel 2013 however there are some features such as Recommended charts that the older versions of excel don’t have. Excel 2016, Microsoft Excel 2016, Microsoft Excel 2016 Tutorial, Excel 2016 Tutorial for beginners, Excel 2016 Tutorial For Beginners

Follow the link below for another basic Excel tutorial for beginners…

Follow this link for and Excel 2013 Tutorial on Formulas and Functions
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


Sanysaint says:

amazing tutorial,i am learning it very well.

Kristen Prasek says:

very helpful

evelyn Rodriguez says:

This is great for someone that’s familiar with Excel, but I’ve never learned Excel – I’m a senior citizen attending a training on the subject and I need to know the definition of what a formula is and what a cell is. I get how you are getting the calculations but I need to find out where to get a tutorial that will explain the definitions of what a Cell is, what is an active cell, what is in a name box, what’s a formula bar, what value is in the “Active Cell”, What value is in the “Formula Bar”? If there is a tutorial for real biginners like myself please let me know. Thanks

Cosme Cosmesito says:

Awesome tutorial. Muchas gracias.

Clinton P says:

Awesome! Thank You so much Sir..!

Angela Crosier says:

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Glitch says:

Teaching is an art form that is greatly underappreciated. Even this gentlemen, who’s done a fair job and should be commended for his efforts, is not a teacher (in his defense, he never claimed to be). Teachers, especially those teaching *beginner* courses, don’t assume anything is presupposed or already known by the student. This lesson skips many, many basic steps that new students cannot be assumed to know. Also, teachers have had it drilled in their heads to never say: “um, uh, and like, you know, uh – ok”….you get the idea. Showing people how *YOU* do something is totally different than teaching.
Say thank you to a teacher today people!

thesweetrenee says:

This video is beyond helpful. Thank you so much @Subjectmoney

Jaden Dabreu says:

Very helpful thanks

MR Odeh says:


VIR BONE says:

Wonderful and awesome!!! I know nothing about all the Excel. And it was like a climbing Mount Himalayan to me, after watching this video, I feel it is just easy as 1,2,3. Thanks making learning Excel so easy .

Shees Ababaki says:

i like it really , & Request to me at my Facebook account Umar Ababaki .

Raymond Nunez says:

does anyone know where to locate the code book? In previous versions of excel the code-book was located in the bottom left right next to where it says sheet1 sheet 2 etc., etc. any help would be appreciated?

jeff snow says:

Quick way to learn!

Yasin Hashi says:

Lazy People Be Like, omg get rid of the frickin UAC.

Athena Jovanes says:

very helpful, thank you for taking the time to make this video!


Thank you, thank you, thank you

seeamerica1 says:

How come your cells light up + blink with different colors? Mine doesn’t do that, no fair.

Allysen Titus says:


JazzMine says:

Saved my life

Jim Hannley says:

This tutorial is interrupted almost every minute by advertisements. This is impossible to follow.

Ritika Baluja says:

its an incomplete video

laich010 says:


Justin Fenix says:

most people appreciate your work dude but some of them actually take their time to thank you (;

Neil Conlon says:

Very helpful thank you

Rusty Shackleford says:

76 degrees in February?!?! Not around here! :~)

melody carredo says:

Thanks for this tutorial. Really helps a lot to understand Excel for a beginner like me. Thumbs up!

asad majeed says:


levy ngoma says:

it is nice and please keep it up[

joy riedel says:

is there another way to do the subtraction?

Scuba Cat says:

Great video!

Tanya Taff says:

If you could please please improve the captions the tutorials would be much easier to follow. Currently my loudspeakers aren’t working.  I don’t know if I can fix them. With a hearing impairment captions are very very important. Thank you.

Cecile Edwards says:

this is going to help my life a lot. Need to make more money. I’m mastering this thing this year!

Syntilang Kharumnuid says:

Good very helpful

Nick tan says:

Is your tutorial covers everything for microsoft excel ?

Tina Radatz says:

This video is really was very well taught, I will be practicing please keep them coming, Thanks!

sahar karadsheh says:

thank you ,very easy to follow for older student!

Amber Gorsh says:

Thank you for your tutorials. You show the ease of use to use excel so that it doesn’t seem so overwhelming to learn.

Cara-Leigh W says:

Thank you, this is just what I needed. I learned Excel years ago but without use, knowledge is lost. So this was a great way to brush up on this program. One thing though, the ads that interrupt your tutorial are really annoying. In the middle of a formula, an ad will start playing (full screen) and by the time we get back to what you were saying, I have to rewind a bit to get the full effect. This happened several times. Other than that, great information. Thanks.

Luna Nguyen says:

thank you

Computer Boy says:

Would this be a good start for data entry jobs such as working at a City Court

silkyslim10 says:

Thank you for creating this video. This is very helpful and thorough.

Sebastian Sebastian says:

is this really all what microsoft excel is all about?
wow thanks dude

Jared Stormer says:

Thank you for posting!

Tina Radatz says:

Thanks so much this was taught at a nice pace very easy to follow, I will be checking out the rest of your videos, you are awesome!

codforfree haha says:


Junel Sweetie says:

thank you. i need to learn all of your tutorials for my encoder job hope to pass my exam

Dev Derick says:

God bless, Thank you.

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